10 Healthy Foods that Aren’t Healthy

10 Healthy Foods that Aren’t Healthy

We’re constantly tricked into thinking foods are healthy when in fact sometimes they’re worse than the foods we’re trying to replace them with, so to put an end to …


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  1. Brainkill Gaming

    Countdown Central First thank you sooo much for proving that its good to have fats because so many people think that the i cant believe its not butter stuff is actually good for them (horrible for your body). Also about the cereal, if you look at the cartoon characters of all children cereal, you will actually see that their eyes are pointed down to look at the child, really creepy. 🙂

  2. Brainkill Gaming

    so the difference between the sugar in fruit and in a soda is the type of sugar, its much healthier to actually drink fruit juice than it is to drink soda because there are better minerals and nutrients in the fruit. The sugars are also natural and are not processed like that of the sugar in a can of soda. It also depends on if your getting actual natural fruit juice that was fresh squeezed or the non-natural fruit juice. Sorry to be that person, but fruit sugars, even though there is more in a normal fruit, are much healthier than soda sugars.

  3. Rawk4Life

    Most Gatorade and Powerade drinks contain electrolytes, and zero fruit juice. Plus, I have observed them and know that they are not loaded with calories and sugar as the video claims. I'm guessing sports drinks in Britain are different than in the U.S.

  4. Rawk4Life

    Actually, fruit juice like Welch's and Hawaiian Punch have never been considered healthy drinks. The reason they're popular with little kids is because they usually run off the sugar and calories when they play outside after school. My brother never let my brother or myself as kids have more than a glass of fruit juice in a day because she knew too much of it would put pounds on us. She didn't buy it all the time though.

    Also, you should have mentioned that despite several being loaded with sugar, there are some cereals like Cherrios, Special K, and Kashi brand cereals, that contain vitamins and protein, which promote good health for the heart.

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