10 Healthy Pantry Items To Buy At Costco…And What To Avoid!

10 Healthy Pantry Items To Buy At Costco…And What To Avoid!

I finally did it..I went to Costco to do a haul video and show you guys some of my favorite healthy food items, and more importantly, what foods to stay away from.


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  1. emily marie

    "omg dont buy these eggs these arent from happy chickens, pay the more expensive price at whole foods" buys cheap bacon just cause its yummy and makes no consideration to the quality of lives of the pigs this guy contradicts himself and has no idea what hes talking about. btw no one going grocery shopping wants to have to muscle past some loser telling them not to buy a certain product lol fuck off

  2. B Floyd

    Man eating a rotisserie chicken once a month or so ain't gonna kill you…. you should be more worried about all the radiation from cell phones going thru your head… I'd say stock up on their aluminum foil and make a helmet to wear around at all times!😂😂😂👽👽👽 just kidding you're probably right I just do the best I can with the budget I'm on… but I do enjoy a rotisserie chicken occasionally 🍗🍗🍗🍗

  3. Serena Mateos

    This guy makes me so angry. Organic eggs at Costco aren't the best but the Kerrygold is the worst butter if you're trying to lose weight. Plus, why in the world is he just saying things like "You shouldn't get these eggs, they are bad for you, don't get rotisserie chicken, a place rate these eggs a 1 out of 10 stars" I mean come on!

  4. TexasGemTree

    Wait, you had issues with palm kernel oil in that protein bar but you were promoting peanut butter with palm oil? Blargh on fake peanut butter that has the actual healthier PEANUT oil taken out and is helping destroy habitat for palm tree oil to keep the peanut butter from separating. At least it is not canola oil. Oh, and canola in any amount is just gross. Canola is rapeseed oil which is completely a gmo product. No amount of using organic means to grow it makes it good. It was a toxic substance used to make machine oil. Then they genetically modified it to make it 'edible'. They have since changed 'history' erasing much of the actual information about it to make it sound like food.

  5. Pink_Elysium

    Hilarious how he thinks he'll be able to change ppl's minds about buying the eggs by yapping at them about how low they are apparently ranked. If I ever encountered someone like that, I would be nothing but annoyed and irritated by his judgy tone.

  6. ILOVENJ00

    The only thing that’s cost effective at Costco is toilet paper, Tide powder detergent and dishwashing soap. Even their water is more expensive than my local grocery store. Bakery section is full of unhealthy stuff. Produce is stale and tasteless. I don’t eat meat. Is toilet paper and laundry detergent worth $60 membership? Maybe. I don’t have a big house or large family to buy and store excess products. I don’t know why I keep renewing my membership. I go there once a year.

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