10 Sure Ways to Stop Eating at Night

10 Sure Ways to Stop Eating at Night

How to stop eating late at night? It takes about 3 hours for your stomach to empty its contents. But when you add more and more food to digest, it takes longer for …


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  1. shreya anand

    I m jst thinking that why am i watching this video when i already know that exercising,drinking a lot of water and going to bed earlier (which i m not gonna do in a million yrs😉😂) helps to mantain the appetite….just to increase the views???😰😂
    Anyways love ur channel..u provoke me go think on my diet again again so that may be one day i may change my routine😂😂

  2. Edwin Burrell

    OK, now. If you don't buy, it then you won't bring it home. Then there would not be any thing to tempt you to eat it.. Cut down on salt. Buy Himalaian Salt but in small portions. Don't buy sweets like candy, pastries, ice cream etc. don't buy it, then you will not have it a home to tempt you. Treat your body right. then your body will treat you to a more healthier you. Eddd

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