10 Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

10 Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

Hey beauties! Healthy living is such a beauitful thing and no matter how much you try to avoid it one day you will either be forced to pay attention to it or you will …


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    I'd love to hear about your Jornal. Jornal is like a movie script sometimes or like a book…think "Lynn Visible" aka "Read it and Weep" ~Zap!…lol I start a new one every so often after I burn the one from before lol. I'm interested to see how you do yours.

  2. KhaliahAli

    Wonderful video! Oh, I pray we can collab and meet one day! In my opinion we have very kindred spirits! I could relate to ever tip that you gave based on my own journey to health, wellness and being wholistic! High five on the TV comment also. Often times the most difficult people I encounter are my family. Keep doing what you are doing! If you find time could you give me input on my "So I did the detox" video?

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