10 Unhealthy Foods You Thought Were Healthy

10 Unhealthy Foods You Thought Were Healthy

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  1. Darinca Double

    Thanks for this video! It's very important what you said. It's years that I'm trying to have the healthiest diet possible for me and still I learned something more from you. For me is kind of a cultural thing to cook with extra virgin olive oil because I'm italian and in Italy it's basically the only thing that you cook with (at least in the south where almost everybody has his own small olive oil production every year). So I'm from where the mediterranean diet comes, but yet I recognise how bad you can eat even when you think you'are actually eating healthy. It's because of the small things like to much high cooking temperatures and the "carbonized" edges of the potetoes you've baked. I can't just stop to eat pasta or bread, because for an italian like me is almost impossible, but I drastically diminished the consumption of these products over the years. I try to make them myself and when not possible to buy the best products that I can find!

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