3 Easy Date Ball Recipes | Healthy Snack & Dessert Ideas

3 Easy Date Ball Recipes | Healthy Snack & Dessert Ideas

Get the FULL RECIPES here: Easy, healthy, delicious date ball treats! Perfect for the summer as a dessert, snack, or to take with you to events …


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  1. Allegory of Wolves

    All three kinds sound delicious! I've made lots of things with dates before, but it's really time I get a food processor for stuff like this! I have a blender, but the blades aren't close enough to the bottom, so that small quantities simply don't get touched by them properly. Plus, it doesn't make something like coconut shreds almost-flour fine; it works better for making smoothies and such. Which is bad, because I have dates and cocoa and lemons and everything else at home and would REALLY like make these balls RIGHT now! XD
    Thanks for sharing the recipes!

  2. Twigger Learner

    i love dates and adding more of my fav ingredients u made my day Meghan, loved the recipes they are so easy to make and delicious (somehow mouthwattering) so much goodness in three recipies……will superly love to try it…… yaaaaaaa……………………..

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