3 Healthy *NEW* Ways To Eat QUINOA | Health Foods Remixed

3 Healthy *NEW* Ways To Eat QUINOA | Health Foods Remixed

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  1. Justsome Rabia

    Hi The Domestic Geek, I love your channel. Do you think I can sub the salmon meat with minced crab meat and make crab cakes? (I have some minced meat left over). I am new to cooking and have no idea if salmon and crab meat would cook through at about the same time. Thanks.

  2. Juliette Erard

    This looks so yummy! I think I'll try the salad this summer, when I'll get all the fresh summer fruits where I live :p I'd also like to try a veganized version of the quinoa cakes (I think I can replace the egg by some starch and water to help everything combine together, but I don't have many ideas to replace the salmon… Any interesting suggestions? 🙂 )
    Great video, as always, I love your channel!

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