3 Unusual Anti-Aging Tips From The 44-Year Old Teenager – Roger Haeske

3 Unusual Anti-Aging Tips From The 44-Year Old Teenager – Roger Haeske

to learn more about my anti-aging elixir and how to double your intake of greens. The video above discusses three of my most …


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  1. Roger Haeske

    “Are These Simple, Do Anywhere Exercises the Lazy Way to Build Muscle and Strength?”

    Get in shape the fun, fast & FREE way without weights, gadgets or gym memberships in my new Lazy Fitness Club.

    I recently created a brand new and totally FREE fitness resource that I think you're gonna love.

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    * How to gain your own superpower in about 10-minutes a day.

    * How to get a full biceps workout done at work without anybody (including your boss) knowing it. Now you can get paid to exercise.

    * Jack LaLanne's super fun forearm burner workout. Again you can do this fun exercise while taking a walk or even driving your car.

    * An easy way to build powerful biceps while taking a leisurely walk and without using any weights or equipment

    * How to do a fantastic Dynaflex style forearm exercise anytime and anywhere without fitness machines or exercise equipment.

    * How to flatten your tummy without losing any weight.

    * And a whole lot more

    OK then if you want to learn time saving and fun exercises that don't require any special exercise equipment then I think you're going to love the new Lazy Fitness Club.

  2. odon seel

    Let me tell you first.

    1) Get good genetics.

    Im 26 and i look like 16. i dont do shit to look young like this.

    i smoke, i drink, i used drugs. but ilook like im 16, i eat not healthy sometimes so..

    its just about genetics

    i can also take a camera and tell a lot of crap about what you should do to look young like me, but still, its just genetics.

  3. Tom Balino

    For everyone curious, in his latest video Roger says that he is 6'3" and 161lb (here he is probably 165lb)

    Roger if you're reading this then I want you to know that you're very inspirational so keep up the good work and make some more condensed and informative videos

  4. coach Joe1035

    Interesting tips Roger. I look younger than my actual age as well, this I was interested to see what your tips were. Seems I have been doing many of the same things in terms of exercise, nutrition and mental well being. What a coincidence. Cheers!

  5. ZombieTex

    A SUPER powerful thing I discovered last year was FASTING. I've been fasting for 5 consecutive days every month since last July. It's AMAZING. There is a very long list of benefits, but I'll hit the high notes here:

    1) Autophagy: Your body's process of recycling old and damaged cells. While your fast your body goes into overdirve for autophagy. This renews your immune system and gets rid of old cells that might otherwise turn into cancer or some form of auto-imune disease. OH! Autophagy also helps to destroy old scar tissue and rough skin like exema. I've never had exema, but I had some pretty heinous scars. Most of my scars are almost unnoticible at this point.

    2) HGH & T: While in the fasted state your body spikes growth hormone and testosterone to PROTECT your muscle mass, rejuvenate your cells, and make you stronger and faster (this was the time when our ancestors would hunt and we needed the hormonal advantage).

    3) Stem cell generation: After you've fasted for 4+ days, once you eat again your body will produce a massive amount of stem cells that will disperse through your body to help speed regeneration of cells eliminated by autophagy. This is my favorite part! For the week following a fast, I feel like Captain America! Super high energy levels. If I get little cuts they heal up pretty much overnight. You just feel FANTASTIC. It's hard to explain. You really need to just do it to know.

    Basically, with the autophagy, the HGH, the T, and the stem cells, it literally makes you a biologically YOUNGER organism in the week following the fast than you were in the week prior to the fast. Here's a pic of me from around Christmas. If not for the gray hair, would you guess this guy was 43?

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