30 Day Living Libations Experiment (Part 2: Review + Results)

30 Day Living Libations Experiment (Part 2: Review + Results)

Here’s my results and final review of my 30 Day Living Libations Experiment. For 30 days I used 5 Living Libation natural skincare products exclusively.


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  1. KC

    Great review – I had a sample of the Rose Renewal recently, and I found it lovely as well! It would be awesome if you could do the same type of experiment/review with all Leahlani products – it's one of my favourite brands right now, along with Living Libations. 🙂

  2. Derek Ward

    I'm 16 and have breakouts often, but since following your diet advice and not using harsh cleansers and just using honey my skin has stopped getting breakouts, but I still get blackheads and a bumpy texture on my skin. What kind of best skin ever would you recommend? P.s Love the review!

  3. Green Life In Dublin

    Let me just say my Living Libations wishlist got way longer 😂 I somehow missed your follow up vide (never came up in my feed), so I am going to check it out right after this, but in overall I have to say your review gave me so much more confidence to venture further into Living Libations – I am uber sensitive, so understandably I am afraid of products containing EOs (had a fair share of bad reactions, even to clean beauty formulas), and although I want to try Everything from their line, I am also scared because of essential oils… Having had dabbled in them here and there (in dental products and now Be Dab and Digest The Best) I know they are simply on another level, so I am asking myself – maybe there is a chance I can use the products without problems? Hope life is treating you well 🙏 💕

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