30-Minute Boot Camp For All Fitness Levels!

30-Minute Boot Camp For All Fitness Levels!

We’re partnering with CALIA by Carrie Underwood to celebrate Mother’s Day all month long with our new Get Strong With Mom series. Grab a pair of weights …


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  1. purplespottedcow

    What a sweet workout!! I wasn’t drenched in sweat but know I did something good for my body. I don’t need to be jumping around every single day with HIIT or crave an intense unforgiving burn, this workout was perfectly easy-going self love!!

  2. Doda Dado

    I've seen people in other videos complaining about the videos not being long enough and stuff. Don't forget she is PREGNANT ! She still upload videos and do the workout that are effective for non-pregnant person and people are complaining. Have some consideration for her ! She is doing the best she can, don't just think about yourself but abour HER and HER BABY !! Don't ask her to do workout the same intensity from her previous videos. For pregnant women, these 9 months (if she keeps doing exercise throughout her entire pregnancy) would be great for them. Workout that are okay for them and for us ! Please think about Anna, and stop asking for too much. This channel is great !

  3. Maeve Jones

    I have a question: what type of workout should I be doing if i want to lose weight and become thinner? i know i need a mix of everything to become fit and strong but what should i focus more on? (stuff like this one, cardio dance, etc?)

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