4 Health Foods That Aren’t Healthy

4 Health Foods That Aren’t Healthy

Today, I want to talk to you about the 4 “health foods” that aren’t really healthy. Many foods today are advertised as being “healthy,” “organic,” …



  1. Sarah Windmueller

    When you say whole grains, are you telling me that even things like brown rice and quinoa are bad for you and even contain gluten? Quinoa is more of a sudo grain it's in the seed family. I don't really buy whole wheat things. I never buy white rice, it's always brown rice I buy. I buy qiuinoa. I also buy pasta that is quinoa and brown rice or sometimes I buy buckwheat. There's different kinds of grains out there. Not trying to be rude but you could be a little more specific about whole grains.

  2. Beaute Niche

    what about Rachel's, Pur Natur, Bergerie Greek Style Joghu, Bio+ Yogurt brands. do they have these brands in USA. how can we know how the yogurt is made or heated at what temperature. none of this information on the websites or on the product.

  3. Lovely Penn

    Thank you for sharing this video Dr. Axe.I just want to make sure about the whole grain.I got severe eczema on my hands and arms and I avoid the allergen foods and it's been awhile I haven't eat brown rice pasta. I bought 2 boxes which it says gluten free non gmo and it's a 100% whole grain brown rice flour, golden milled flax seed. ( Hodson Mill brand.) Is this healthy or still not because it's brown rice even thought it's gluten free?I want to gain weight instead of losing so much weight on what I can eat, I keep eating sweet potatoes in place of rice and chicken n turkey.

  4. Steven Hughes

    It is scary watching kids drinking and eating the crap that is being pushed upon them . My son said to me the other day "why does the food that is good for you not taste good?"
    Yes we know that peoples taste buds are being junk foodized ( new word ) with all kinds of crap in the food in order to make it taste good . My head spins with thinking of ways to make true food taste good for my son . What a world we live in . But there is hope and that hope comes through knowledge 🙂

  5. Paula D

    This is a great video. Recently my workplace implemented a wellness program initiative by adding "healthy" food in the kitchen and its things like nutrigrain bars, yoplait, and juice. I couldn't believe how people think any of it is healthy. And a nutritionist gave them the thumbs up. OMG

  6. Teresa Watts

    gluten is killing people!!. today!  life is too easy for people to indulge.. why if people care, why not take the time to enjoy real foods. they really need to stop the stupid tv of fooling people into thinking its good. $$  shame we have to go way back>>> for real food if that.. due to lack of the minerals. organic is our only hope. and why do we have to even pay more? after all… it should be less work.

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