4 Microwave Recipes to Hack College Life / 4 Recetas Hechas en el Microondas

4 Microwave Recipes to Hack College Life / 4 Recetas Hechas en el Microondas

(traduccion abajo) How to turn your microwave into a 5-star kitchen with 4 easy recipes! These recipes will help you save money, spur your creativity so you can …


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  1. Diiamond nicole

    Hi I just subscribed and Im starting my clean eating journey…. im so glad ive came across your channel… im a sophomore in college and ill be going back in august and I cant wait to try some of your microwave recipes yummm .. thank u so much

  2. shawanda don

    Thank you so much for making this video. As an overweight college student trying to find healthier eating options that won't break the bank as well as ideas for meal prep, this video was really helpful. It is very hard trying to lose weight while in college. I now know that I have healthier options thanks to you :)!

  3. Virendra Lall

    Also, im not sure if this was the video but you mentioned that people are concerned with the concept that the microwave makes you succeptible to cancer. The way a microwave works is it uses waves (which is simply put a means of transfering energy) called microwaves (hence the name of the device) to transfer kinetic energy to the food thereby vibrating the food particles which generates the heat that raises the temp of the food. The reason this concept began spreading was because microwaves use waves in the firat waves but amount of energy a radioactive wave carries is seemably infinite compared to the energy that the food uses to generate heat and the energy from the microwave just isnt enough to make the particles transfered by the wave radioactive. Its a simple but lengthy explaination when put on paper

  4. Vannah

    If crock pots are allowed in your dorm – buy two chicken breasts and one jar of salsa. Add the salsa to the chicken and cook on low for five hours or high for 2.5. Shred the chicken and put in a quesadilla. Or – add broth and some corn and you have Mexican chicken soup.

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