4 Things That Changed My Faith Forever | How to Grow in God | Christian Girl Advice

4 Things That Changed My Faith Forever | How to Grow in God | Christian Girl Advice

Hello from Greece, and happy Tuesday Girl Talk! Today I want to share 4 things I’ve been learning that have absolutely changed my life — taking away so much …


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  1. Tabita S.

    There is no perfect way of life – or anything; God's journey with each of us is very unique and individual.
    Some may dive into the Scripture every morning, others have HOURS of prayer (walks), others dance etc., and while Scripture and prayer are essential, it depends on the person and season of life that you are in, where the focus lies, how God speaks and how you grow.

  2. Jenna Sawyers

    Tiffany, I needed this SO MUCH right now. I've been subconsciously heaping on this pressure that i need to break free from all my struggles and come before God as a perfect daughter, that it's actually stressed me out and kept me from trying to do day-to-day WITH Him. I felt His gentle nudge to watch this video and He definitely came through and reminded me through your lips that He just wants to be part of my world. Maybe He's even singing Little Mermaid!! Thank you so much for making these videos; I believe they're doing so much more than you could know for so many young people. 💖💕

  3. Eva

    I can relate yo what you said that sanctification is a slow process.
    Funny ,cute and deep story:

    I told God : I want to grow. ( in faith,in my relationship with Him,getting mature,you know what I mean)
    God told me something like: You are like a little flower who wants to grow. First is the seed,then a smal green thing,then the leaves and then the beautiful flower. You'll grow. Be patient. (now I know it's Him 😀 )
    Isn't it cute? :3

  4. Priscilla Sopt

    Tiff, this is my second time watching this video. I watched it once in October 2017 but my battles were much more different back then. Now I am watching this in February 2018. Now God has brought me nearer to Him, but He still has allowed other trials to come into my life. I do believe God wants me to seek His face and experience His love despite the hardships I am going through with school, health issues, anxiety, etc. Healing is on its way, but Jesus is here today and I must dwell in His love for me. 
            Thank you so so so much for your videos. I truly believe God uses you to speak such simple but profound truth about God's love. May God reward you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
          – Priscilla from Chicago

  5. Justine Norquist

    I just found your channel recently and I just wanted to say what a BLESSING you have been!

    I listen to your videos while I do computer work for my job and they always strike to the heart of me and what God has been teaching me in this season.

    Thank you for being open, vulnerable and showing your heary for God and sharing it with others ♡.

  6. Ariana Bedford

    This video was needed , and for some reason it's like God was speaking to me through it . When you were talking about chasing for freedom and healing that's exactly what I've been doing which I'm going to stop doing now . When you said you didn't have to pray long or read the bible long enough to please God , and that God said "You don't have to do that just be with me, I delight in you anyway." That really made me ball out in tears . I've been struggling with these questions in my heart , and you've answered them . Glory be to God , thank you so much ! Have a blessed new year ! 🙏🙌❤

  7. nihonnights

    I just wanted to say thank you for this list. Your videos have always a more refreshing perspective and I really appreciate that.

    …and yes, I am a guy, but I really like your videos 🙈 it has been hard for me to find resources made by men that are as positive as yours and the ones other fantastic women make on YouTube.

  8. BlowABlueBubble

    Hi Tiffany! That dress you are wearing is sooo cute! I am at the airport right now catching up your latest videos and I love then as always. I have been 2 weeks in the United States for the first time in my life and it was absolutely wonderful. Hope you enjoyed Europe and I can't wait till your vacation vlog xx Marie

  9. farscape84er

    Tiffany this was something I definitely needed to hear. I think knowing that God loves me is head knowledge a lot of the time, but it's not heart knowledge (if that makes sense). I am in a season of waiting and sometimes it's hard but this reminded me that I am exactly where God wants me to be. You have a great gift for eloquently sharing your thoughts from God. Blessings

  10. Kristine Plange

    Thank you so much for this Tiffany 🙂 I'm really grateful for how honest your videos are; it really really helps. I can relate to all of these haha! I feel like the main one is the last one about God's love for us. I feel like sometimes I see love as the flowery thing, especially as it's God's love is talked about all the time at Church. But, that's the real power! I'm really praying that I'll see God's love for me and this video was so encouraging <3 <3 <3

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