5 Health Foods That Are Actually Terrible For You

5 Health Foods That Are Actually Terrible For You

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  1. devilpizza123

    MSG DOES NOT CAUSE ANY OF THOSE PROBLEMS YOU LISTED. Glutamates are in almost all foods we consume from tomatoes and mushrooms to steaks. Please check your facts before spouting bullshit like this please.

    Also Omega 6 isn't harmful. It just needs to be in balance with Omega 3s.

  2. Magical Rainbow

    I regularly buy frozen wild salmon in the supermarket. It's actually a lot cheaper than farmed salmon, at least where I live and also a lot healthier. I usually eat it around twice a week, and it's healthy because:
    – It contains a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals, most notably Omega 3
    – It's wild salmon rather than farmed salmon
    – It does not contain a lot of mercury

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