5 “Health” Foods To Avoid No Matter What!

5 “Health” Foods To Avoid No Matter What!

If you are serious about your health, you will want to watch this video. You may be eating these 5 foods thinking they are “healthy” when in fact there is a high …


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  1. A Q

    Hi Eric. Following the advice of a naturopath, I and many family members and friends have been taking a liquid iron supplement for some time now for anaemia, it contains Cyanocobalamin ' a synthetic form of vitamin B.'
    Is this safe or not safe?
    Thank you .

  2. Tundra Varg

    1- Sodas and Diet Sodas – Drink Water with Lemon or Lime instead
    2- Yogurt With Sugar or Fructose or High Fructose Corn Syrup – Eat Kefir or Natural Non-Sweetened Yogurt instead
    3- Wheat Bread – Eat a salad instead…
    4- Muesly Bars – Eat organic oats mixed with nuts and seeds instead
    5- Salad Dressings – Use extra-virgin olive oil, lemon, herbs, garlic, apple cider vinegar instead

    You're welcome.

  3. Crystal Vrba

    Yep the problem with America and yogurt or any other dairy (cow or goat) product is that raw milk is illegal for human consumption. It is horrific. So one has to say it’s for their dog to buy it. At this piont I am trying to avoid all dairy. I did find a good unpasteurized butter. But that’s about it. 😔

  4. sally McCree

    How can all these fat, crap eating people be so healthy? Maybe not on the inside, but they don't have candida, they aren't sick, they have energy? What the heck??? I don't want to add years to my life. I can't continue to live like this.

  5. MaiAngelTv

    New sub. I came by your ‘Candida snacks ‘ video today and stayed to watched several. You simplify things. Thanks so much for these videos as they will help me tremendously with my Candida diet journey, which I have just started. Lol, going gambling.

  6. Cappah

    Sugars a drug and we've all been addicted since birth. Food company's have conditioned our generation's to think that it's normal. It's fucked up man. It rots teeth, it causes disease, and it's highly addictive. Sounds like heroin ffs lol

  7. San dro

    Unless you have diabetes why would you believe artificial sweets to be healthy? Just fat folks making excuse for their lifestyle. Also many items on the shop are total fraud. What is sold to you may say things such as blue berries but they sell cheaper stuff instead. Instead of honey you get expensive corn syrup, instead of ouster you get testicles etc. It "should" be illegal to lie on the label but they do. Not to mention your food contain all waste products that is not allowed to be thrown out in the wild.

  8. Peshkatar Shqiptar

    I’ve done all of those things you talk about and the difference is amazing. When you go to the doctors all they give you is antibiotics just to make things a lot worse. Thank you so much coz without people like you sharing their experience I don’t know we’re I would have been now! Again thank you!

  9. Rosy G

    Candida Crusher Hi Eric! Can I ask your opinion on the vegan diet? I've found through research that the meat and diary industry is a farce. They've been producing misinformation for decades and since going vegan I've never felt better. Also wondering if you will look into making a children's line of Canxida. I only buy your products and nothing else! Your supplements are the only ones that work!

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