5 HEALTHY FOODS I EAT AS A VEGAN | tryna be healthy

5 HEALTHY FOODS I EAT AS A VEGAN | tryna be healthy

I’ve been trying to be a lot healthier recently as I undertake many fitness challenges this year. So I’ve decided to incorporate lots of supposedly healthy foods into …


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  1. Dee's Variety Show

    God you know you've been a WF vegan for awhile when you salivate at the mention of eating GREENS!! 😋😍 Legumes are also damned good.

    PS – You might really love date paste in your oatmeal to keep with the whole food approach! Just totally life-changing! Soak your dates and blend them up in a food processor. Mmmmm!!! Dates are loaded with antioxidants, too.

  2. Meerakathak

    Hi! I think I've watch pretty much every single video of yours in the past months. They helped me reduced my waste drastically! Thank you so much! I see that you don't peel your veggies most of the time, I guess you easily find organic ones in the UK. I've been living in Varanasi, India, for a few years now and until now couldn't ever find organic vegetables or fruits. Would you have any suggestions on how to "clean" them best to be able to eat them without peeling? My composting waste is still something I want to work on! Thanks a ton!

  3. Valentina Iricibar

    Well, now I just feel awful! I didn’t mean to “complain,” that one in particular gave me really bad ASMR (I think it was particularly long or something) 🙈 I know it’s a quirk of yours and I genuinely hope it didn’t bring you down because as I said in that same comment…I absolutely love you and your videos, slurps and all! Live your best life, I’ll just skip ahead if anything! 😊

  4. Siri H

    Could you please follow up this video with some go to meals that includes this? Doesn't have to be any fancy, actually helps if it isn't, always good to get some new ideas for healthy recipes for the middle-of-the-week-meals 🙂

  5. Bella 0407

    For anyone who is also struggling to eat enough greens in their diet: I highly highly recommend watching the video “10 ways to eat more greens – without eating salads” by health nut nutrition. It’s a brilliant video 😊

  6. Emiliana Chateau

    Pick up Limes is a great vegan nutritionist! Love her and her videos so much!
    I’m so happy to see that I’ve been incorporating the same foods lately into my diet and have also seen major improvement in my health, gut health (less bloating!) and weight stabilisation. Loved your video ❤️

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