5 Healthy Weight Gain Breakfast Ideas 1,000+ Cal ::SkinnyGotCurves::

5 Healthy Weight Gain Breakfast Ideas 1,000+ Cal ::SkinnyGotCurves::

Demo on How to Create 5 Easy Healthy Weight Gain Breakfast Ideas! For Details on the Weight Gain Recipes my website …


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  1. squishy booty

    Naan is soooo good. Try only eating 1/3 of the carbs tho haha. Protein should be wayyy higher. My favorite breakfast is an english muffin sandwich. I toast the muffin, add a scrambled egg and ham and cheese. Cook the egg in butter or olive oil and butter both bread slices!! Should be around 450+ calories, very easy and quick to make. and i can eat probably three (: plus a juice or small smoothie or shake should add more calories if you want.

  2. Adrienne Hall

    Im going to try your recipes. But in a modified way. I already eat 3 packets of oatmeal a day because 2 simply isnt enough lol. But after looking in the comments, i will try it with milk.
    And i will have to try to down 1 cup of couscous as i dont like it 😝 lol

  3. VK Gemini

    I'm trying to gain weight, but a problem I have is that I have allergies to some of the things that are most recommended for me to eat. For example, almonds (or any tree nut really), bananas, and avocados. It's more of an oral allergy syndrome kind of issue, so it isn't severe, but still irritating. Sometimes the allergies lessen when I blend any of those foods into a shake, but then I break out in acne. If anyone else has had this kind of struggle, I would really appreciate it to know what else I can use for shakes or as a snack that won't give me allergies or acne.

  4. infinityx89

    The source of calories is also important for healthy weight gain. Protein should be your primary source for your caloric intake. I noticed from the video it was mainly from carbs and fats, but that'll lead you to a gut and an unflattering figure.

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