how to make kale chips! So halloween shouldn’t give you diabetes… try these healthy snacks for a balanced diet! foods to help you lose weight These snacks …


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  1. Alberta Estrada

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  3. Julian Clarck

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  4. Comi Naco

    The two main types of abdominal fat are: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. The visceral one, which is known to result in many health problems is tougher to reduce. Conventional diets or exercises which normally focus on fat under the skin (subcutaneous fat) aren't going to give any benefit to those who suffer visceral type.

  5. Rita Sharma

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  7. Trish PD

    Can you tell me how the kale chips taste? c: it seems really good, and I really want to try it. And I have this kind of smaller oven where i press a button and it'll be like "pizza, toast" or something like that, and I don't know which button to press. I hope you understood what I meant. :)

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