5 So Called Health Foods To Rethink – And Some REALLY Healthy Alternatives

5 So Called Health Foods To Rethink – And Some REALLY Healthy Alternatives

There are so called “Healthy Foods” that have been marketed by the food industry reeeeaal well. However if you look behind the …


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  1. Melissa Hancock

    continued from post under read that first please.
    Also the other glucose, fructose sweeteners they put on the market in health shops are not what they seem either , I feel to get my sweet, sugar rush , eat more fruit lol cheers and enjoy your day. let me know what you think about my post love & Light Pro-Peace in Body, Mind & Spirit x

  2. Melissa Hancock

    HI Thank you for giving this info: from your HEART. I just wanted to add that our beautiful food Honey has been messed with they have added glucose init so most honey is not pure any more , unless you spend 20.00$ a pot . So that is another way they try to make us ill. Also because the Bee population worldwide is dying off they are stretching the real honey to make it go further.,.

  3. tigergreg8

    The setting for these video is so beautiful. Man I'd love to just be there, I could imagine sitting there, exercising, eating fresh fruits and veggies and having an AWEsome time.
    I will say though, if you choose to use raw milk products, be sure you know it's source, and how clean they keep their facility, I work in Physical Rehab, and a whole family got sick from raw milk, and the father became paralyzed. True story. He is just getting more movement after a yr in progress. Be careful

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