5 Tips to Starting a Healthy Lifestyle 2014

5 Tips to Starting a Healthy Lifestyle 2014

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  1. l0ve5umm3r

    Wow this was a really inspirational video! I'm going to try to start a healthy lifestyle thanks to you! I just discovered your channel today and I love all the different videos and definitely the Healthy Lifestyle ones 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration

  2. William Daniel

    If the chips are made right, they are only 95 calories. On the back of the paper menus and the android and iPhone apps there is nutritional information for everything we serve. I'm takeout specialist, and I consider myself pretty knowledgable about the company and the food we serve. I just don't want people to think it's bad for you when we strive to change people's mind everyday about that.

  3. William Daniel

    First of all, the only thing "fast food" about Chipotle, is the service. Eat smart, get easy brown rice, don't go nuts on sour cream or cheese, etc. Chipotle is trying to change the way people think about fast food. They have no freezers, microwaves, can openers, none of that. They source locally when they can. The dairy products are naturally raised along with all the meats and made with no rbgh. No gmo. Chipotle can be good for yu, yu just have eat the right amounts. Just like anything else.

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