65 Year Old Gorgeous Mom Stuns The World With Her Flawless Skin – Anti Aging Secrets

65 Year Old Gorgeous Mom Stuns The World With Her Flawless Skin – Anti Aging Secrets

Lillian follows a high-raw, near-vegan diet and in this interview she talked a lot about how she discovered that, what it’s done for her, and how she copes with the …


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  1. Anastasia

    Very interesting, and assuredly good for you and your beauty`…

    I am half Italian and Russian/Pole and I enjoy food. The right foods“…

    Personally, I have seen all raw diet women.. Yeah, they look slim..but also gaunt`… and seriously not super healthy looking`.

  2. g MaytaR

    yes she is pretty and looks amazing 4 65 but. I hope thats not Her Idol ten out of ten die in adam all die in Christ all live every will get old eventually and die. Jesus the Lord of life is the way the truth the life no man comth to the father but through Him. I am not trusting in taking care of myself. I am trusting in the. LORD OF GLORY HE IS KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORD HE LOVES DIED FOR SINNERS THESE ARE THE THE LAST DAYS. WE ARE ALL UNDER THE SENTENCE OF DEATH BECAUSE OF SIN BY ONE MAN SIN ENTERED INTO THE WORLD AND DEATH BY SIN.

  3. TypeAAA

    It helps that her facial features are attractive too. I hate it when people group others just by age group and not by their individual characteristics. Plenty of 20 somethings are unattractive and some 60 somethings have better features than those 20 somethings.


    you can't stop the ageing process this lady hasn't stunned the world her skin maybe flawless but come on now there are many people her age that looks and have flawless skin as well at the end of the day she looks her age

  5. Quantum Chang

    What?!! another youthful vegan on youtube, again ? When is it ever gonna stop?!! I haven't seen any paleo diet followers showing their face on youtube and reveal their age at the same time with multiple third parties confirmation. I've only seen youtube comments from them boasting themselves on the paleo diet but not with a video of themselves on youtube WITH multiple trusted third parties confirming they are who they are and that they are actually much younger than their age. Without reliable third parties confirmation, they could easily use their younger sister or brother in the video and claims that this is how young they look. But I've seen many raw vegans do have reliable third party confirmation of the evidence, sometimes via the new media or some well known figure who would never lie about something like this and risking destroying their public reputation for the rest of their life. Boy this must've make those loyally fanatic paleo diet followers envious inside. But on the outside it will just be that typically predictable show of denials upon denials. But I bet they'll secretly eat more raw veggies and cut down on eating corpses of other species that sucks the life out of them. Go go VEGAN !

  6. Pat Cavanaugh

    My mother always said "beauty comes from within." When you are beautiful within, it shines through and makes you beautiful on the outside. Your vibes are felt by others and they see you as beautiful. If you love yourself, others will love you for your happy aura.

  7. Robin

    I'm 56, same with me I only date younger , I wear make on occasions, I don't drink , or smoke . Drink allot water and people don't believe my true age ever. It's the water and lemons I eat to keep me looking a bit young.

  8. Chlarie Peace

    I have just thought of some thing you can do your self if you like buy some roses red ones put them in a pan and let them bolinig but make sure you press them down in in the pan first with cold water then put in bottle spary and put that all over your beautiful face ğŸ’žI just thought it maybe some hlep to you please let me no 🌼

  9. Karin Dittmar

    It is not in your hand how old you get or how you look and it doesn't depend on what you eat…. Everything is in god and jesus hands…. Everything….. To think its all yours is an illusion…. It depends on grace, blessings, your relationship to god…. What if you are 80, looking like 40 and spending eternity in hell… Think of jesus….. And believe….

  10. Watch The Skies

    They act like these are noble, hard-working people, but they're merely another female gold-digging bimbo prostitute which became an under-aged sex doll for the lecherous old Hugh Hefner to boink while selling their nude image to sex-starved men around the world. Shame on them.

  11. April London

    i had blood work done and it gives a range like 11 to 49 on my alkaline i believe it was i didn't even register on the range i was lower than the 11. i went online and all i could find was it was a sign of malnutrition and could be the cause of the dark under eye circles ive had past yr. im not sure about any of it but i have a few things I'm concerned about. dark under eye circles and sever puffiness if not puff kind of that sunken look. skin texture and pore size bother me and i exfoliate and moisturize a lot. i have pcos and suffer a few side effects of that thinning hair on top and im trying to research healthy diy regrowth remedies. i also try to do healthy diy skin care i don't want to get botox if i can help it id rather do the work myself but my face and skin matter to me maybe vain but it does. I've lost 70 lbs over past few yrs and still working on that. what i will admit is I'm addicted to energy drinks and I've not been drinking water like i use to i know that's an issue and i plan to resolve and get off these damn energy drinks. if anyone has tips on my issues id be greatful i don't mind doing the work. i don't mind ageing we all age but i myself want to age well and i know its gonna take dedication.

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