7 Foods to Maximize Liver Health & Function

7 Foods to Maximize Liver Health & Function

More nutrition tips & videos: Happy Monday everyone! Summer is in full swing and with it, are all the great summer parties!


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  1. Robert Kinholt

    I just found out that I have a Fatty Liver, still haven't talked to either one yet, what I've been reading is I've gotta change my diet for one, other not sure yet how bad it is, I've been after them since 2015, been having problems since then, why it takes 2 doctor's that long to find this out

  2. alchemistoxford

    Great suggestions – my daily smoothie: Kale; banana; organic apple cider vinegar; organic lemon juice; 3 cloves of garlic; turmeric root; ginger root; peanut butter; turmeric powder 1 tsp and wheat grass powder 1 tsp. This pm, I shall acquire some artichokes and avocadoes – for my dinner salad that always (daily) includes beets.


    The liver function is compromised by consuming any GMO & non organic grains and their derivatives. Examples are corn oil, canola oil wheat – corn flour, soy milk, etc. You get the Idea I'm sure. Glyphosate is sprayed on grain crops for uniformity of harvest supposedly. Glyphosate blocks the CYP 450 enzyme which is used to detoxify the liver. GMO and Glyphosate are killers of humans, and Mansonto is the murder of humans starting with the Korean war, and continues on even after the Korean war is over.

  4. M. Colby

    You can actually make a delicious salad by combining all of these things. You do need some preparations for the artichoke.
    I have only tried it once. The dressing i use is cream (i know that is a bit unhealthy but dont use much) mix it with the lemon and some vinegar and then add some raw sugar.
    Now there are 2 ingredients that arent very healthy but you dont need to use much for the salad to taste great. All in all you get a very healthy salad.
    Also you can add what ever other salad or vegetables. I use some feta cheese. tastes great.

  5. Mariano Molina

    are you kidding me I've only been doing it for a couple of days and I already see Improvement some of the sharp pain I was getting has almost vanished I do eat avocados that's part of my diet, I'm Latino. I have been ingesting raw honey lemons and limes and garlic I'm also drinking green tea and gave up Coca-Cola. I'm just getting started.

  6. Paul Schoenmann

    I'm already drinking a cup or two of water upon rising, but I'll now add lemon juice πŸ˜‰
    And is spinach a bitter green? I want to think no because it's rather sweet lol, butter leaves/lettuce are also sweet I believe so I should halve those with some, more bitter greens yes? 😁

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