8 Amazing Unicorn Dessert Recipes / Unicorn Food

8 Amazing Unicorn Dessert Recipes / Unicorn Food

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  1. recorder fun

    Spot the diff

  2. FathomFantasy

    sigh Why can't there be a decent unicorn video without someone in the comments saying "This video was made for Wengie" Or "This Video Is For Wengie".
    Vaniko Koshadze just did. And it wasn't!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was made for all of us to enjoy, not just Wengie. There are other people who love unicorns so much. My BFF is one. She and me are polar opposites (I'm a tomboy), but I still like unicorns. THESE VIDEOS ARE NOT MADE ONLY FOR WENGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that's how I feel. Also, I feel people just do that to get likes for their comment. AND IT FRUSTRATES ME THAT SO MANY PEOPLE LIKE THEIR COMMENT!!!!!! โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ I don't like when people just do stuff for public attention. I never do anything like that. My comments are always helpful, and important. Also honest, like this one. I really liked the video, but it frustrates me when people do that. So if you are reading this, thank you for giving up your time to read, and I ask that you don't say stuff like that. It's just wrong, an attempt to get the most likes on your comment.

    EDIT: I also don't like when people say "Like if you agree" They want to be popular.

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