9 Popular Diet Tips – MAKING YOU FATTER! – Avoid These Food Myths & mistakes for losing weight Loss

9 Popular Diet Tips – MAKING YOU FATTER! – Avoid These Food Myths & mistakes for losing weight Loss

So many popular diet tips out there. Learn which food myths you should not follow. You can avoid a lot of these diet mistakes made both for losing weight & building muscle. In this video you’ll…


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  1. Chanel pascal

    Hi Im from Israel serving in the army and because of that I'm awake in the night, going to sleep at the early morning, up again at the afternoon… I don't have a good sleeping rutine. How can I eat normal without gain any weight and even lois some weight? I'm also trying to do good exercising between shifts like running and body weight training in my room every day…

  2. FuzyNavel100

    Hey guys quick point that may help some of you. I'm one of those people who always struggled with diets due to the fact that eating many smaller meals always left me hungry, eventually leading to a relapse. I've recently (6 months or so) swapped over to one meal per day. I normally eat between noon and 2 and cram in all of my calories into this one meal. I still try to keep the foods in this meal healthy, chicken, broccoli, oatmeal, but I eat a shit ton of it all at once. During this meal, I'm able to get down about 2,000 calories and I feel incredibly full at the end and I look forward to eating every day. Doing this I've managed somewhere around 10% body fat and have lost minimal muscle mass weighing 178 at 6'2". Anyways, eating this way has helped me stay satisfied while fasting and has greatly helped my training. Highly recommended, give it a try. Side note, drink apple cider vinegar when you wake and before you sleep, its amazing how full it makes you feel.

  3. Neda sh

    it was great tips , I was going crazy with should I follow this or should I follow that , you clarify beautifully,, can you have more of those tips , I'm very healthy eater but recently I'm addicted to eating protein bar, the one that has one sugar , 15 fiber and 21 protein, 200 calorie I started with eaten small amount of bar per day and now I'm at the point that I eat 3 of them in one seating can you make some video about that , actually I'm planning to stop buying them for sure, also I eat sunflower seed at night everybody say is healthy but I'm kind of over eating when I'm starting , other than that I'm eating super healthy but still I'm not losing weight , and I'm walking 20000 step per day, but I'm sure the reason I'm losing is because of protein bar and those seeds. please make more video with those tips. thank you

  4. Fight The Fat

    1: don't skip breakfast
    2: cut all carbs
    3: eating after 6/at night
    4: fasting losing muscles
    5: eating more frequently
    6: small meals keep blood sugar regular
    7: only digest a certain about of protein
    8: all calories are equal
    9: eat all you want as long as it is healthy

  5. Kannan Vaidyanathan

    I have a question related to eating carbs in the night. If I eat 1000 calories in night, mostly carbs and sleep in an hour, what would happen to those calories. Would those get carry forwarded to next day or would those get burned during sleep? I am looking for a more scientific answer.

  6. Clewl Tetsui

    Yeah… I may he a fan of ketosis and the relevant diet, but I still can't call carbohydrates the enemy, especially since you generally have to eat lots of vegetables for it to be healthy, of course any vegetables you eat generally have to be cruciferous, and any fruits also have to have a relatively low glycemic index (like strawberries or cantaloupe), basically anything where most of the carbohydrates are fiber… all that being said I haven't actually entirely started changing my diet to that yet, it's just something I'm a fan of…

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