90:10 The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress

90:10 The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress

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  1. mel lee

    This was great! For those with a neurotypical baseline. I just have to add, 90:10 works if that is really how the system is set up for you, if you have certain existing privileges on this earth and are not being systemically undermined or projected upon by OTHER people's inability to inhabit or deal with their stress. Dissociation and projection, or dispossession and transference of feeling, is known in the psychological community and for those often of marginalized or silenced otherness, in daily life. Additionally, I would advocate that some people are naturally rationally minded and CBT is an effective technique. Others are more somatically or kinesthetically sensitive, traits that are not typical tested for in young children in preference for the types of intelligence that succeed in cognitive culture. So to change our thinking towards coherence, we all can benefit from techniques to guide us towards our other brain — no, not that one 🙂 — in terms of being guided by the heart. Choose coherence! I love it. The HeartMath folks are good at coaching this. Thanks again for this fun and guiding video.

  2. Gurdeep Singh


    Best quality, Best wisdom with Scientific proven facts.

    Amazing relaxed and clear voice with no crappy music at the background.

    simple, clear, effective, inspiring, interesting.

    too good! thank you for doing this for all of us.

  3. Jasmine Novak

    This video was really insightful and reminded me that letting things go redirecting your attention really does work. There have been times where I chose to stay upset/stressed about a situation and continued to think about it which only made me more stressed and upset. Then there have been other times where I chose to let it go and move on with my day saying, "It'll be okay." I think learning to let stressors go is quite the task. But I definitely think it's very useful in being healthier. Letting things go quite frankly sets you free because there are limited things someone has complete control over. When I get really stressed out I usually partake in deep breathing and sometimes I even write. The latter being very helpful at times to just expressing myself through creative outlets. Very informative and eye opening video!

  4. Lindsey Gamm

    Stress is a term that people overuse, well at least that's what I think. How many conversations have you had with someone and they brought up stress? I can think of quite a few. Managing your stress is something that is very important in life, and once you figure out how you manage your stress then it could get a little easier. Your mindset affects stress greatly. There are weeks where you think you have too much on your plate an you start stressing about it. Think about midterms for example. You have midterms coming up, plus you work all through midterms week, and maybe your aunt is coming up from Florida that week too. Should you sit there and think about how there is just too much going on this week and freak out about how you're going to get through it? No. You have to find balance in your life, so maybe the week before midterms you start studying so that way you at least have an idea what you need to study more and what you already know. You could schedule times where you can spend time with your aunt from Florida when you aren't working. Stressing out about things all the time is not going to help your situation but actually make it worse. If you have a negative mindset about everything coming up then of course your week is going to be hectic and too much to handle. You almost have to prep talk yourself into stressful events, because you are going to get through it. Many different health care professionals look at stress differently.  A physiologist may see stress as high blood pressure,  a social worker views it as vulnerability,  and a doctor could see it as worse health outcomes. These standards show the negative side of stress but there is also a positive side of stress. Athletes use a high stress but not too high for optimum performance. People like mothers or aide workers manage stress like a bicycle tire where you pump it up but not so high that if you hit a bump then you pop. This video explains that he thinks the most important thing you can do about your stress is change your mindset. This has to do with a number of factors, including how much control one thinks they have, their social networking, openness to change, attitudes like optimism, and self care. Dr. Mike Evans believes that it is not your homework, or your coworker that stresses you out but it is the thoughts you have about it that stresses you out. Some negative things that people often think are: not being good enough, putting yourself down before you even try, assuming people don't like you just because they didn't speak to you, or even when you cheat on your diet by eating a piece of cake and think it's okay now to eat the whole cake. I think we need to get you of this negative thinking, and it will change our lives for the better. Everyone just needs to figure out how to balance their stress and go with it.

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