A DIETITIAN’S Thoughts on FREELEE the Banana Girl | Raw Till 4 | What I Eat in a Day

A DIETITIAN’S Thoughts on FREELEE the Banana Girl | Raw Till 4 | What I Eat in a Day

In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, Abbey loves sharing her What I Eat in Day videos, but today Abbey has decided to take a closer look at the diet of one of YouTube’s infamous stars known…


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  1. dipschwantz1

    Freelee is nuts I agree but you are untruthful stating there was no protein in what she consumed, I question whether you are really a dietitian. I calculated approx 50 grams of protein and 13 grams of fat. She met most requirements of vitamin and minerals. No B12 of course and deficient in selenium and D

  2. Pang

    Verbal attacks fowl language and judging others… as my first time on this channel. though this channel may have good content the approach taken here will not make me care to investigate this channel further unless i were to read a sincere apology for this presentation. We all need to do our own research. If people don't like someone they don't have to watch or subscribe to their channels.

  3. SingsChez8 8

    My response to a comment but I felt the need to share the insight more publicly..
    MY personal experience with Freelees advice..
    I was already into cycling and mostly vegan when I found Freelee about 4 years ago, but I was also recovering from unhealthy eating thoughts and patterns from my teens.
    I starting Freelees protocol and felt pretty good at first,
    IE; eliminating all processed foods and sugars, (the main reason for longevity right there) lost some weight (along with muscle) had regular daily bowel movement's, (after struggling with that chronically for most of my life, so that was a plus for me at the time.) and those were about all the pros.
    Oh and I thought I was better than everyone because I was "saving the world". Hah! All a bunch of hooey.
    I had a bit of a turnaround that lead me away from this diet, mostly because lack of energy and brain fog/also experienced so many ice pick headaches and anxiety / a terrible relationship with food once again.
    I am now also eating the exact opposite and feel amazing along with almost recovered anxiety and mental clarity, and I have a much better relationship with food and exercise than ever in my life.
    Freelee is very open to the public about her past eating disorders and drug abuse, and I personally do not think she is the best advocate for health and WELLBEING in general, let alone veganism, yet she has grown in popularity among young gals today who are vulnerable to similar problems most do at a young impressionable age.
    Don't mistake that I agree with the SAD as I do not, but there is a difference between nutrition, and the true knowledge of it, and the lack there of, and whilst doing these diets like veganism you are more likely to have to take supplements to stay healthy and balanced as you are missing a lot of nutrients elsewhere..
    To me its unnatural to have to supplement and take B shots in your ass to avoid deficiency.
    I think I should mention that Freelee has also stated that she likes to sleep in a lot and she doesn't train all the time like people think she does. I believe her because she clearly doesn't have the energy to do so. I think she is trying a little here and there now because she want's to make herself look like she is promoting some kind of fitness, but in a nutshell, she has also stated it is hard for her to gain weight and that is not a good sign.
    Note, it is very hard for recovering anorexics to do the same…
    To conclude, look at Freelee now and in the long term.
    She is VERY thin with next t no muscle, (and you can see that in her showing off of her bones in most of current photos, her hair and skin look so frail and eyes have sunken in more and more over the years leaving her looking very emaciated and malnourished. I am surprised her teeth haven't fallen out yet, unless they have and she hasn't mentioned it because that is one of the main problems with vegans and fruitarian's, so you can imagine what is actually going in with their bones.

  4. langtoronto

    Thanks for uploading this video and sharing your professional advice. Freelee's diet advice needs to challenged, and her advice totally scrutinized. Her diet advice is super unhealthy, esp for people who are diabetic. I made her aware of the dangers of her diet and my remarks and comments were removed from her channel. Nor, did she reply back to my questions or comments. I was even willing to show her my blood strip readings after drinking her recommended smoothie.

  5. Alicia Richards

    I think her followers include many girls with anorexia or anorexic potential, who look for ways to eat only fruit and no fat whatsoever. It's basically orthorexia to the extreme. Freelee had anorexia and now she's swopped it for orthorexia. Her channel will only maintain or trigger disordered/obsessional eating habits in her vulnerable followers.

  6. Cap. Chaos

    Freelee nor Durianrider know anything about Health nor nutritional. They have failed at every diet program they have tried. They are famous only for being trolls that HAPPEN to be vegan, or raw or raw vegan or raw till 4 or what ever else they decide to be selling now a days.

  7. Timmy J

    Since nobody with half a brain about nutrition is commenting around here, I'll try to throw some facts out there that show how ignorant Abbey is about nutrition. For starters, sugar in fruit is perfectly healthy for the body, even if you eat it in large amounts. It's perfectly packaged with fiber, nutrients, phytonutrients, and water, and will digest perfect. So let's take a 10 banana smoothie. This would pack over 13 grams of protein and 4 grams of fat…and many could argue that low fat and low protein are very health promoting targets in an optimally running system….which Freelee does possess because she's eaten healthy for a long period of time. Abbey is correct in that 10 bananas may not be appetizing to many, but that's just an opinion. Abbey is correct, Freelee is a nutcase. But her diet is just fine. She eats real, whole foods, and many could add some of her meals to their diets and they would probably see positive changes in their health.

  8. starhealth

    Has anyone ever wondered why it is socially acceptable to criticize the diet of people who are relatively healthy and not of those who are obviously eating very dangerous diets. If you try to suggest that someone who eats mainly fast food eat healthier you are fat shaming. But if you tell a relatively healthy person that they are crazy and their diet is "BEEP" that it is okay? Which is scarier people who feed their growing and developing children fast food (even if it is only once per week) or people who decide to eat whole foods (even if it is mainly fruit)?

  9. CarbLoaders

    I tried eating raw a while back for a few weeks as an experiment and my results were mixed. Not only I had the bowel movements from hell with all these fibrous 1000 cal fruit smoothies, 2 hours later I was already was hungry and thinking about what fruit to eat next. The simple sugar does make one feel a little wired up for up to an hour due to consumption of all the simple sugars contained in the fruit.

    Lastly Abbey, about what Freelee's will eat on a date – we don't need to worry anymore as it looks like she has abandoned promoting veganism on youtube, stopped shaving her legs, pits and stache – and moved to the jungle to create silent hippy jungle clips for youtube.

    A vegan diet can be perfectly balanced if done right, but this "raw is better" BS has to stop! Btw great video. I enjoyed your sense of humor very much!

  10. Sandra Carli

    If you eat ripe bananas, you go to the toilet very often. I don't eat those quantity of fruits but Freelee has definitely helped me shift to a healthier lifestyle. After trying eating in a similar way, my glucose level actually went down! You didn't show other dinners she had.
    Dr. Greger has many little clips on fructose.

  11. ZoeFM

    Omg I was cracking up. Thank you for this video because while I agree with veganism, I don’t agree with the aggressive extremism that freelee promotes. You totally put a light hearted spin on this! Thank you!!

  12. Stephanie Nicol

    She was a cyclist, so is her (then) partner Harley aka Durianrider. I believe they “carb up” like this as it is part of their cycling culture. This is an old video. BUT it went wrong when they try to market it as the perfect diet for humans. Her premise is that we are frugivores. Lol

    She left Durianrider and now lives off grid with her new partner, Robin.

    I tried her diet 4 years ago for 1 year, I lost a lot of weight and had heaps of energy but I was so bored and the social aspect was awkward, now I eat like a normal person.

    It wasn’t constipating actually, quite the reverse, on her diet I had bowel movements pretty much 3 times a day. Lol

    Anyway I followed her Channel to see where she would end up. Her lifestyle now seems pretty cool but her diet advice was very bad and it messed me up. It took me a while to get out of having a strange relationship with food.

  13. Vana Markarian

    Ok so maybe freelees eating is very weird to a lot of people but she has showed all her blood test results and she's very healthy.. also fruit sugar is not like regular processed sugar in fact a lot of diabetics eat a fruitarian diet and are thriving just go and follow mindfullydiabeticrobby.. plz people don't be afraid of fruits their the optimum food for humans ohhhh and one more things bananas don't back u up but they have to be spotty I actually eat a lot of bananas and my digestion is great so plz get ur facts straight….

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