A life of purpose | Rick Warren

A life of purpose | Rick Warren

Pastor, philanthropist and author Rick Warren reflects on how the success of his book The Purpose-Driven Life triggered his own crisis of purpose. What should he do with…


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  1. Ted M

    “My best selling book brought in tons and tons of money, but I didn’t want it. I didn’t write this book for money” hahaha lol what a straight up liar. Hey Mr. Warren you “wrote” a very simple, no brain required book for simple-minded folk. I’ll give you credit for being very smart with regards to business. You know it’s easy to take advantage of religious people. In particular the hardcore religious folk who gobble up everything that has to do with Jesus. Bravo! I’m an atheist but I would write a book like this too for all that money! All you had to do was basically repeat over and over that you ( the reader ) are pathetic and need to praise god and give everything to him and explain everything using god….. etc. people are better than that. We are with more than that and shouldn’t have to attribute everything to a sky alien with a big white beard who watched you while you’re going to the bathroom

  2. klhcc

    Did he really (at 20:00) say "god smiles when you be you"?! – what utter drivel. My purpose in life? – to argue against unsubstantiated claims about reality (usually made by the religious about their invisible magic friends).

  3. D Moore

    Rick asks, ah shucks, why did so many people want to read the book. I'll tell you. FACT. You hired the best publicity company for selling books in the world. In fact his name was Larry Ross. He also did the pr for Billy Graham. I wonder how many copies Rick Warren would have sold if he didn't hire the best pr money could buy. God did it, lol. Right.

  4. David Theel

    Thanks. I've been trying to let providence lead me. Even knowing it always was so. Due to shortcomings, I made tragic errors. Not that that's so unusual for humans. Perhaps I just need to get back on the horse rather than abandon what I was or am. Be OK with some improvement. Resolve to do better, be better. I was already sold on your ideals. I still am much of what I was, which truly wasn't so bad. Battered a bit. An improvement I know. I do need to take better care. I need to take steps. Trying to blast myself out of a cannon on some big leap forward simply hasn't worked. Providence guides me, but not very far if I'm not moving. Encouraging to see your success from service. We tend to put the cart before the horse.

  5. TheIce IsBlack

    All these non believers trying to make their views of believing nothing relevant and its not. Why watch the video? Crying for attention. Read the Bible Fools believing in yourself. You did not create yourself. You did not give yourself a heartbeat. Foolish lost humans.

  6. Elizabeth Nelson

    The work you do when reading The Purpose Driven life changes the course of one's life permanently and changes everything from relationships to environments. This Easter, I joined a women's book club in Stuart Florida and contemplating my life today compared to when I first read you book. The chapters we discussed this week reminded me of one of the key topics. Thanking God for when things do not turn our your way so that the outcome can be God's perfect plan. Happy Easter!

  7. TheFishMan

    As an intelligent person, I can't just hop on the crazy train, but if this guy is helping millions of less mentally-strong people deal with their existential terror and make the world a better place, then good for him.

  8. Joyce Choy

    I have just resigned from my job on 3rd April 2017 because of my few recent supernatural encounters with God where dreams and visions unfolded during mission trips in August 2016 to Myanmar and March 2017 to Manila with Pastor Bill Wilson.

    I was baptised in 22/11/2015. One of my plan was to go for full time mission trip one day. Before I even decided to go, I rejected an invitation to go for mission trip preparation course because I had a plan to go for my own leisure trip. Then I had a dream that shown me my friend who will be going with me to leisure trip ran away from me. The next coming days, my leisure trip was cancelled by my friend.

    Then I realised, maybe God wanted me to go for mission trip preparation course. So I obeyed and signed up. God failed my 1st choice Nepal and guided me to Myanmar which was my 2nd choice. Only after I went to Myanmar I saw the place and a girl I used to dream. It was because of me signing up to go to Myanmar, a friend I know through Myanmar mission trip invited me to Pastor Bill Wilson talk where I signed up for Manila mission trip. But with no guarantee that I can go. The good news came later after 3 months and I was being chosen to go to Manila without paying anything but my own flight ticket.

    On 28th Feb, I departed from Malaysia and I had a bad feeling 1 night before flying. To cut the story short, God has saved us from taking off because of 1 engine failure. I only knew it when a lady from Malaysia, her friend is a pilot, told her we were lucky as pilot decided to abandon the take-off and later found out about left engine failure. If not the plane would have been crashed if the pilot took off on 28th Feb.

    When I was in Manila, again I saw a place I used to dream. Then I cried. It must have been God. Before I know Christ, I wanted to go to the slums in Manila but I did not have chance to go although I waited for few years. I have encountered of seeing places I never been in dream until I touched foot and being there then a vision will recall back my dream. I know my life purpose is in God's hand as long as I keep seeking and maintaining close relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

  9. Observer

    Seriously, I'm calling Rick Warren out. Let's have a public dialogue or debate. I will show him how Christianity is about worshiping the dead man Jesus. Rick Warren hardly knows anything about human nature and religion. He says "it's not about you." In fact, religion has everything to do with you, with human beings. Religion comes out of human beings, and it is for human beings. Everyone personalizes religion. Rick Warren is a protestant christian not because he came to some truth but because he was taught protestant beliefs. I give no man credit for believing that a man, Jesus, who is dead, is god. Don''t even get me started on the very man made belief of the Trinity.

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