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Betty Solomon, Author & Founder, “AgeinGrace.com”

I was born in August of 1934 in Western Oklahoma. I am a widow, age 82, with one son, and a grandmother with two granddaughters, and two great grandchildren that are the joy of my life. I was born during the era of the Great Depression during the “Dust Bowl Days”, where there were no fresh produce in Oklahoma and most foods were rationed during the Depression.

When I was a year old, this shortage of food was so critical that it caused my family to make the decision move to the southernmost tip of South Texas, to the Rio Grande Valley, just 12 miles from Mexico.

This Rio Grande Valley was sometimes referred to “The Magical Valley of the Rio Grande” where they grew crops of fresh vegetables and fruit all along the fertile borderland near the Rio Grande River. The Valley’s main crop was oranges and grapefruits. The climate was ideal for the year around growing season with rows and rows of orange and grapefruit trees throughout the Valley.

I grew up with my family in this beautiful Valley along with two sisters and two brothers. We had a Jersey cow that produced delicious raw milk for the family. The Valley had an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit and I enjoyed the healthy lifestyle where there was plenty of food, good things to eat and milk products from our Jersey cow. Then I married my high school sweetheart. Later, we re-located to Oklahoma and we were happy in our move to a new home. Then, I had one son, that made my life complete … almost!

I was lacking one thing and I did not realize what was absent in my life until God showed me. Then I became a Christian and was baptized in 1976. My life changed completely at that moment as I had God and my Lord Jesus Christ to talk to and guide me to follow the right paths in my daily living in making the right choices and so much more…

One thing I surely believe in is Prayer!   But you might say, “Why Pray?”

For example, I have found this to be true. There are three reasons to pray: for God’s benefit, for your benefit and for the benefit of others.

  • Prayer is communicating with God. Prayer includes building a relationship with God which depends on communication. Your communication with God will never grow or develop without communicating with Him.
  • Prayer provides direction.
  • Prayer prevents wrong decisions.
  • Prayer eliminates worry and anxiety.
  • Prayer produces peacefulness.
  • Prayer invites God into our daily lives.
  • Prayer produces confidence.
  • Prayer prevents distractions.
  • Prayer protects us from discouragement.
  • Prayer reminds us how to act and to be a better person.

He left on record, the beautiful words of God in the Holy Bible to show us the way and how we should walk in today’s world. He shows us how to gain eternal life when this life ends.

My advice: Spend less time wrestling with the hours in your day and make it your goal to pray first. You’ll see your priorities fall into place, feel your spirit lighten from under the burden of diminishing time, and experience a peace that comes with spending every moment in the presence and under the guidance of your heavenly Father.

                         “Prayer is the key to Heaven, but Faith unlocks the door”

My Goal is to communicate the healthy way of life, healthy aging, and all around well-being. Why?

“I believe in being compassionate and concerned about helping our family, our friends and other people along life’s way and this can be accomplished when we feel better, eat healthy and have a spiritual life with God.”


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