Amazing Story of Faith!!!

Amazing Story of Faith!!!

Brian Sweeney’s Testimony / Medical Story Scottsdale Bible Church PLEASE SHARE!!! My story is very unique, and I have been called by God to share it.


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  1. Rudil 88

    True Testimony-Some fifteen years ago, a friend of mine, non-christian, was visited by Lord Yesus who wore long white robe shinning brightly in a dream when he was in the hospital for more than two months. He was touched in his dream just once. At last all his diseases completely healed till today.
    The doctor diagnosed he suffered disease complications as tuberculosis, light stroke, coccyx abnormality, herpes upto his penis and
    Testicles. The doctor who treated him, had surrendered just waiting for his time to die. My friend was taken around until to the hell. We must obey our parents, he said.
    "When I felt hungry and weak, I dreamed given a bracelet of life in my right
    hand by Lord Jesus, my body became stronger," said my friend. At the time his body was entered by Spirit, the nurses supposed he was possessed. When the nurses wanted to tie him, "Do you believe in Jesus? If you do not believe in Jesus, you will regret," my friend said.
    The devils tramped in the hospital to be ready to take away the patiants in order dying. A band of Angels in war clothes shinning brightly armed with budgeons riding white horses to fight devils in the hospital. Finally the devils ran away. Devils like attacking our faith. If our faith are weak when ill, it should be recovered, will die. When the body of my friend was weak, he fell asleep and Jesus visited him.
    In the hospital, when he was reading a Bible, bad spirit was discontended and pushed his head down till touching the Bible but the spirit inside him expell the bad spirit. Now, his family has already baptised. Amen.

  2. Jonathan Kirk

    Awesome testimony brother. I was a drug addict for 20 years and thanks to Gods grace and mercy I have an amazing wife ,2 year old son and my wife is 4 weeks with our next child. None of this would of been possible without me surrendering my life to Christ.You are a very strong man and your love for our God is inspiring.

  3. MaxGolubenko

    Your life truly is a blessing, no one should take it for granted. Love this story and I hope God blesses me as he did you. I have been in and out of religion for the past year and I am trying to be closer to Jesus Christ. Stories like this help me through my rough patches in life. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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