Anti-Aging 2 (Skin Repair) – Rife Frequencies

Anti-Aging 2 (Skin Repair) – Rife Frequencies

Note: As of right now, I am putting up a fabulous video – “Metabolism Repair”. It contains every frequency Royal Rife isolated to repair all things metabolic.


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  1. Mindy Mandeville

    I've purchased this >> several occasions and my 60-year old skin appears gorgeous. In a few reviews that I've read, people have told that this is not the same as the more costly this product  that's it is own web site. I do not know maybe not or whether it's it is the same but I do know that my skin is firmer and it seems significantly better when this is used by me. I am very happy with this product.

  2. Hanny Freedom

    Are there people who really have reached the positive endresults??? Or at least have some quick results? I am 56 and I have skinproblems,and Scalp-Psoriasis… I listen to that one also.
    I hope to get some positive answers! (my teeth ache while listening, anyone recognizes this?

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