Anti-Aging Morning Skin Care Routine at 65 + A Tiny Tip

Anti-Aging  Morning Skin Care Routine at 65 + A Tiny Tip

GIVEAWAY CLOSED* I am very pro aging, but want my skin to look the best it can, and do not wish to have procedures. Today I will be sharing my anti-aging …


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  1. MaryEllen After 60

    A.M. Routine-
    First, I wipe my face with a damp washcloth
    When my face is dry, I use the reVive Light Therapy Lip Care Device for 3 minutes.
    -I use IT Cosmetics Miracle Water, on 1/4 of a Shiseido Cotton
    -I apply 2 drops of Argireline Serum from Skin Deva concentrating on my lines, and wrinkles, let dry.
    I apply Timeless C+E+Ferulic Acid – 3-4 drops, avoiding eyes, let dry for about 15 min.
    Apply a small amount of IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye cream.  
    Then I apply 4 drops of Timeless Hyaluronic acid over my whole face.
    After the above has soaked in,
    I use a small amount of Beenigma all over my face.
    Later, I apply IT Cosmetics CC+ cream with an SPF of 50, the 50 SPF powder, or Anti-Aging Armour SPF 50+

  2. Daphne's Beauty

    Hi MaryEllen! You have a wonderful skincare routine and it shows in your flawless skin. I really love the products you use. I use the Lansinoh too and I love it! I'm so sorry that I'm behind in watching! It has been super busy here recently! Hope you have a wonderful day, my sweet friend, xoxo Daphne <3

  3. charliejas

    Hi Mary Ellen. I haven’t watched videos for a while as I’ve had 12 months moving my mum into care. Have to say though you’re looking fabulous. Thought I’d mention a product I’ve loved and repurchased. BENTON SNAIL BEE ULTIMATE SERUM. it’s helped clear some patches on my skin and just improved the glow. I always use my Timeless vitamin c , e , ferulic and niacinamide too. I’m going to purchase the Argiriline now. I’m an avid user of sunscreen though. Built in sunscreens in foundations do not provide sufficient protection.

  4. All That Beauty With Lori

    The Secret Sauce I would love to try as well as the Argentine I know the Giveaway is closed, just saying those two I would love to try someday. I know I totally do want to purchase the Vitamin C from Timeless, I been wanting a NEW vitamin C to try and work within my skincare routine. Have a good day ,love and blessings xoxo 😘🙂


    Hi MaryEllen! I must say sunscreen drives me nuts when I think about the many years I have protected my skin from the sun. Living in Florida for so many years now, I know it’s particularly important. The thing that gets me is for several years I wore a makeup by Mary Kay, and I could spend the day at the beach wearing it and never got a sunburn on my face. It was never said at that time that it contained sunscreen, but it worked. It was back in 1995 when I was at a Lancome counter, and the sales lady talked to me about how nice she my skin was and recommended a sunscreen that was also a moisturizer by Lancome, which I bought and used for years. When IT Cosmetics came out, I used only their original CC+ Cream, and never had a sunburn. I have always loved to swim, and I still swim several times a week using sunblock. Now, my dermatologist recommends SPF 50 every single day, and he doesn’t sell it, so, I feel he is looking out for me. As I age, I can tell you my skin is thinner, so, maybe that’s why he insists on a separate SPF 50, and I do use it. I have always loved skincare, and I can tell you almost all my friends and cousins who moved here from Pennsylvania around my age of 66 look like they should have taken better care of their skin. They don’t understand why I don’t want to layout in the sun to get a suntan, and I have told them about skin cancer but it doesn’t do any good. I have even told them about fantastic tanning lotions, but they won’t try it. It’s bad when people’s skin looks like worn leather, but they only use makeup, which is odd to me. I always love and appreciate your videos!💕

  6. Life and Home with Meredith

    So happy to see you! I have been so busy so I haven’t been on you tube much. The Lord has given me more responsibilities at church which is so much fun and a great blessing! Wow your channel is growing…your sweetness and the glow of the Lord is attracting many. Much Love…. xoxo

  7. Sally Willow

    I use Honey Skin. I like it but it is not moisturizing enough for me. I grab it ever so often when I need it instead of my night cream of day moisturizer but it is not my holy grail. 1. I would love to try Secret Sauce, 2 Skin Diva. My favorite subject in grade school was Art.

  8. Nancy Neale

    Thank you for another great video, Maryellen! Love the education I get from you.
    I loved Reading and English in grade school. I would love to try the Skin Deva, Beenigma, Secret Sauce; those would all be new to me! Thanks again.

  9. Mariann Reid

    My favorite subject was math. I loved learning the multiplication tables. Your tip was a good one and I will definitely start doing that because I have had that glitter in my pore that I couldn’t get rid of…I would love to add Beenigma, secret sauce or argeraline to my routine.

  10. Richard Tate

    Congrats to the winners! It is all good! My favorite class in school was spelling! I’m not sure how well I spelled 😳 none the less, I still loved it! Lol I would love to get a chance to try one of these products…the secret sauce, beenigma, and the argiraline. Thank you sweet lady! Shani 🙂

  11. Georganna Barnes

    Great video! You have single handily streamlined your skincare routine to which the results are flawless skin! Your skin is beautiful. I love that you use small amounts of products proving that you don’t need to overdo it. I must be more disciplined because I use too much. I look like I’m putting on aftershave cologne!😂 I love your Tip Of the Day. And I use Lansinoh, too! I have chronic dry chapped lips and it’s the only thing that works for me. And I’ve tried everything! Now we have another great giveaway……I would love to win any of these lovely products. I’ve never tried any of them so it would be wonderful to get the opportunity to try them. Thank you so much! I appreciate you and all you do for us.💖💖

  12. Nicola Bray

    MaryEllen you are glowing today😍 Huge congrats to all your winners🎉 Love a wee tiny tip regarding the label situ😘 My favourite subject at school was gym, as this helped greatly with my overactive energy levels, which I now know is ADHD😂👏🏻 Would love to try Beenigma, Arigureline then IT😋 Another great video as always lovely kind woman🤗💖😚 xx

  13. makeupfunwitholivia

    I always enjoy hearing your skincare routine MaryEllen. What you are doing is definitely working. 🙂 You know I always thinknim not going to try for the giveaway let someone else get it but then I see the goodies and I think darnit I should have tried!LOL. So here we go my favorite subject was English! I wanted to be an English teacher. 🙂 And the order of preference is the order in which you announced them. Sending a big hug lovely lady! Xoxo

  14. Corine Masters

    Mary Ellen, You are so gracious! My favorite subject in grade school was reading, I still love to read, and of course watch youtube especially your channel. I would like to try the Special Sauce, or the Beeniqua. I know I didn't spell it correct, sorry.

  15. Tracey Vannini

    Good Morning MaryEllen, I turned 64 on Sunday and I wish I glowed like you do..Your skin just looks gorgeous..I am a firm believer in doing all you can to keep the wrinkles at bay but I also believe that some things are just hereditary..I would love to try the Skin Diva but anything would be a bonus..My favourite subject was English..

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