Anti-Aging Skincare Treatments to Lighten & Brighten Our Skin For A Healthy Glow | The2Orchids

Anti-Aging Skincare Treatments to Lighten & Brighten Our Skin For A Healthy Glow | The2Orchids

OPEN FOR MORE LINKS & DESCRIPTIONS ↓ Hello, Beauties! Today we take you along while we receive anti-aging spa facial treatments at Mirabella Spa!


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  1. carolynvee

    I think dermaplaning is great but as a spa service it’s just too much money for what you’re getting, especially when it can be done so easily at home. The results are wonderful though. Also, many Sephoras are now offering the hydrating facial with a $75 purchase. It’s definitely not as relaxing as lying down in a beautiful spa but the service is wonderful!

  2. SusieQ B

    Great video you didn’t mention cost
    Could you put the cost of what you had done once I got chemical peel and microdermabrasion for 99.00 I really enjoyed it didn’t get both the same day I did chemical peel first then a week later the dermabrasion my skin felt amazing I didn’t think the price was bad for both procedures y’all look beautiful thank you for sharing you two make me miss my friends love and hugs Susie

  3. Melissa55

    This was so interesting. I loved how she explained everything about the derma planing and all the things she did. She did a terrific job. Thank you both for taking us along with you. It was fascinating! Love you both! Melissa

  4. Sharon Heffren

    Lot of good information in this one! Even when you think you have a fairly good skincare routine, you can always learn more / better techniques and options available! Thanks girls, really enjoyed this! I'm sure you both were just glowing after this!

  5. Sue C

    Hey ladies! Time to book a facial! It's so important to keep the in betweens going! Exfoliating is key! I have a great estetician that works for my plastic surgeon. Been so busy but must make an appointment tomorrow! Thx for the push! And it's so relaxing too! You both have great skin! Hugs! Xo

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