Aquafaba Mayonnaise – MJ Healthy Living

Aquafaba Mayonnaise – MJ Healthy Living

Finally a way to make eggless mayonnaise!!! Using aquafaba! Being on an alkaline diet I have had to figure out a way to make mayonnaise without eggs… Behold! The magic of aquafaba!…


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  1. lifeinthailand

    I found something yesterday that you might be interested in, it is 2 different fermented drinks, both need a starter but once you have it you have it forever, I order a starter for both last night.

    Kefir Grains

    Tons of videos on youtube about this and how to make it, looks very easy and fast. Lots of starters for sale on ebay if you don't know anyone already making it.

    The guy I got the idea from has lost over 100 pounds drinking this and it is so cheap to make.

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