Article – Health Benefits From Eating Bee Pollen, Honey and Honeybee Products

Article – Health Benefits From Eating Bee Pollen, Honey and Honeybee Products

Wonderful World of Bee Pollen


Honey, Pollen and all the honeybee products: These have been used since the beginning of time – ever since the world was created. All through Biblical times, the Roman Empire and in every country in the entire world up until this very day – Pollen and Honey have been known to be in the most perfect food God has put on earth. It has all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, everything the body must have to function. Honey even has 17% water, which no other food has.

Preventive Medicine: Pollen and Honey are the world’s best preventive medicine Pollen is not a drug but a food with no man-made chemical to upset your body in any way as long as it is honeybee pollen.

Stress, Worry, Guilt, Anxiety: Stress occurs when you drain your body’s physical resources by not eating or sleeping enough. It can cause muscle tension, change your breathing and heart rate, and make your body more susceptible to disease.

Relaxing Exercise:   When you drain your body’ physical resources by not eating or sleeping enough. Exercise twice a day for 20 minutes to prevent heart attacks by reducing blood pressure.

Since the beginning to time, man has sought remedies and foods for enhancing his powers, when all the time, God gave them to us in our food and drink. All we need to do is use our common sense. Take the “Pollen and Honey” that he has given to us and eat, and enjoy them.

Facts: We have facts handed to us by physicians, Bible scholars, lawyers, people of all nations and all walks of life – including “Hippocrates” the father of medicine. His principles of medical science were laid down 400 yeas before the birth of Christ and they formed the basis for medical theory.

Proof: We now have ample proof of the health-giving properties of Pollen. Pollen is a pure food and preventive, non-habit forming, comparatively inexpensive, easy to obtain and to easy to take. “Pure Bee Pollen” is nothing added or nothing taken away. It would be impossible to find a food from an animal or vegetable containing such vital nutritional elements.

Results and Benefits: Not only does it build up strength and energy in our tired bodies, but also it acts as a tonic. In most cases in ten days to two weeks, people who have lost the zest in living have restored normal healthy appetites and have a new look on life.

Pollen can stimulate most nearly all functions of the body, including the gastric system. Containing a natural antibiotic, it also controls bacteria. The benefits experienced by persons taking Pollen not only consisted of restored body heath but also a more optimistic outlook on life and with more vigor, vitality and increased resistance to infection. Pollen acts as a tonic, rapidly restoring normal weight and energy to a convalescent.

Organic Source: Deep research has proven Pollen to be a food from natural organic sources. Pollen contains the richest source yet revealed of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, hormones, enzymes and fats. Like with Honey, Pollen is surrounded by a certain mystery in that it contains other substances, which defy identification.

The Process: Shapes and color indicate the species of plant from which it comes. Certain bees in the hive gather nectar to convert into Honey, whereas others forage for Pollen. Bees perform a remarkable, miraculous feat in the collection of Pollen, for it is not swallowed into the honey sac like nectar. The Pollen is worked into a mass and carried by their rear legs, which are expertly designed by nature. (Note in the photo of the bee and the sac carried by their rear legs) There are many different tastes and colors of Pollen pellets as there are flowers and plants.

The growing plants from the smallest to the largest shed million of grains, which could be compared with the number of stars and the number of grains of sand in the world.

Pollen grains under certain conditions are indestructible and prove that Pollen grains are so intricately designed that under anaerobic conditions, they are everlasting and totally immune from decay.

Without Pollen there would be no plants, trees, flowers of any kind, and without these, man or beast could not survive.

Bee Pollen and The Body: Many modern analysis, doctors and people in the world over are finally learning that the ancient beliefs of preventable medicine and health problems are, and have always been, “facts” – not “theory.

Some say there are certain parts of the world where people live extraordinary long lives. People in any country live long, healthy lives if they eat God-given food – such as bee pollen, honey, propolis, beeswax – any honeybee products or foods that are put on this eat to keep us in good health. Not food loaded with artificial ingredients. All God-given food that is put on this earth for our bodies is perfect until man, from the time he was cast from the Garden – has tried to improve the produce of the earth. But man’s efforts have not been a match for God’s divine provision 0f the bee and its pollen, and its source of food.

It makes a difference to your heart, mind, body and soul as to how long a life and how healthy a life you live by what you eat and drink.

No matter how much exercise, taking pills of every kind, jogging, or whatever your grandparents had, will not build your body or give you a healthy body. It all depends on what “you” eat and drink.

Bee Pollen’s Benefits:

  • Bee Pollen can help the body chemistry and allows the body to rid itself of all unhealthy conditions
  • Bee Pollen cannot cure a cold but you can keep from getting a cold by taking Bee Pollen and eating honey in your regular diet.
  • Bee Pollen does relieve allergy symptoms
  • Bee Pollen is used in correcting errors of metabolism that is involved in unhealthy weight gain – it is nature’s method of weight control
  • Bee Pollen restores “balance” and normality
  • Bee Pollen and Honey are the most perfectly balance of food known to mankind
  • Bee Pollen provide good supplementation of vitamins
  • Bee Pollen provides minerals, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, aluminum, ion, copper, zinc, manganese, lead, silica, phosphorus, chlorine and sulphur
  • Bee Pollen is the rich Enzymes known as amylase, cozymase, cytochrome systems, dispase, diastase, lactic acid, dehydrogenate, pectase, phosphates, saxcharase and succinic dehydropenase
  • Bee Pollen is the richest source yet of vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, hormones, enzymes and fat
  • Pollen is essential for all plant life, making it a perfect food and preventive medicine
  • Bee Pollen is natural and not chemically treated
  • Honey and its miraculous power is both a food and medicine
  • Honey is not only a perfect food but also a giant germ killer in which bacteria simply cannot exist

Composition: The Pollen grain is protected by two durable coats. The outer waxy exine is made of spropollen, which can resist most acids and temperatures as high as 300 degree centigrade. Beneath this is the fragile inner wall, the intine, which surrounds and protects the nuclei and the reserves of starch and oil. The Pollen grain is practically indestructible.

Gathering and Storing Honeybee Pollen

The tongue and mandibles are used in licking and biting the anthers with the result that pollen grains stick to the mouthparts and become thoroughly moistened. A considerable amount of pollen is dislodged from the anthers, and adheres to the hairy legs and body. The branched hairs of the bee are suited to retaining the pollen which is dry and powdery,

After the bee has crawled over a few flowers, she begins to brush the pollen from her head, body and forward appendages and to transfer it to the posterior pair of legs. The wet pollen is removed from the mouthparts by the forelegs. The dry pollen clinging to the hairs of the head region also is removed to the forelegs, and added to the pollen moistened by the mouth. Pollen is transferred to the pollen baskets. Each new addition of pollen is pushed against the last and, simultaneously, the masses of pollen on both legs grow upward, a very small amount being added at each stroke.

When the bee is loaded, she returns to the hive.   The quantity of pollen carried on the body of the honeybee is larger than that of any other hairy insect.

What you need to know about Honey

Among the many varieties of honey, several are outstanding. Tupelo Honey is very much in demand because it does not granulate. When orange blossoms fill the air with sweet perfume, the bees are busy making choice olden honey. Genuine orange blossom honey is light amber in color, heavy in body, and has the aroma of a grove in bloom. Gall berry honey is almost white in color, while Mangrove honey is very sweet.

In addition to the honey varieties available, there are five types to choose from. These include liquid, comb, solid (sometimes call granulated or crystallized), chunk and cut comb.

Honey is the only natural sweetener that does not have to be refined, and is the only one that is not. Therefore, nothing is added or taken away, making it the world’s only perfect sweetener.

Honey differs chemically from any other sweetener, honey contains minerals, nutrients, vitamins, acids and natural sugar, which tale sugar or any artificial sweetener does not have.

Honey has no “empty” calories – only natural calories, everything the body needs to build and rebuild without adding weight. Honey is nature’s mystery. Bees do not make the honey from nectar they gather by any chemical action. It is transformed into honey by enzymes produced in the honey sac, which converts the natural sucrose into honey.   No one knows exactly how it is made. Medical scientists have found that bacteria cannot live in honey – while sugar breeds bacteria.

Nutritionalists point out that honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including water. Honey has the advantage over sugar, as it does not create a higher blood sugar level more than the body can assimilate.

Honey increases your energy because the honey is predigested by the honeybee in the bee’s honey sac before you eat it. Honey is excellent nourishment and a power supply for the heart as well as the best food for quick energy. It goes straight to the bloodstream turning to quick energy.

Honey is more than a sweetener, it is good nutrition.


Comment by Betty Solomon:

“I am an avid user and have been eating Bee Pollen for over 20 years.  I am 82 and have enjoyed the many benefits from eating Bee Pollen”






References:  Author, Joe M. Parkhill, Professor of Agriculture, Honeyologist from Dr. R.O. Brenan, founder of the National Preventive Medicine Foundation – Article on Bee Pollen, and current user of Bee Pollen

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