Asian Anti-Aging Secrets! Look Younger Just By Using Vaseline And Egg White!

Asian Anti-Aging Secrets! Look Younger Just By Using Vaseline And Egg White!

Vaseline probably isn’t the first thing you think of when considering makeup-bag essentials. It’s one of those unsexy products that none of us remember buying, …


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  1. got milk

    Use egg and olive oil instead my teacher was in her 40 s in middle school we all as students thought she was in her 20s until she revealed she was going to retire that year and she wanted to spend more time with her grandkids I remember one of the kids asking why you look so young and she said olive oil a few drops every morning and before bed and rub it in an upward motion she was a beauty I started using and my skin glows from time to time

  2. Ramesh Kommuri

    Petroleum gells were previously used for preservations. Vaseline actually slow downs your natural ageing look younger you must start using vaseline from the years you start getting your first wrinkles ( probably at the onset of teenage or even late adolescence)usually that appear near the cheeks every day overnight.

  3. valencia carlin

    When I was younger I did something stupid. I completely shaved my eyebrows clean off my face and I regreted it for many years after that because I literally had to freehand draw realistic looking eyebrows on my face for years. It was a good thing I knew how to draw # self taught. Any how I got tired of drawing eyebrows year after year and some how looked at vaseline and got an idea to use it to regrow my eyebrows out of curiosity. I didn't see any difference instantly but then I got another crazy idea to add caster oil to the vasaline and honestly my eyebrows grew not in an instant. It took 2 and a half to 3 years to grow my eyebrows back. I had to leave my eyebrows alone no clipping, no plucking, no nothing. It drove me crazy. It was like I had caterpillars on my face where eyebrows should have been but be patient this formula works. sorry for the long written novel I'm also a writer at heart.

  4. Hana Ahamed

    Vaseline of all types…. I've been using this for many years…. For my lips…. And for any rashes ,,, for my hands and foot… This is really effective!!!I never know about applying this for the eyelashes and eyebrows ,,, now I know surely I will try it!!!!

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