baby food recipe

baby food recipe

Healthier Baby is every parent’s dream. Start your baby’s life with healthy and homemade baby food. This recipe is full of nutrients which are vital for healthy growth of baby. Homemade baby…


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  1. Sanam's Kitchen

    Hi Thank you for your feedback. For your baby I suggest any vegetable of choice such as sweet potato, green beans, carrots, broccoli etc you can boil them and mash it. Introduce veggies before you introduce fruits, otherwise babies develop a habit of liking sweet (fruits) over veggies.

  2. jsrcamp

    double foods like this is for 6 months + but you could introduce carrots and other single veggies and certian fruits at 4-5 months but they suggest you wait till 6 months. I didnt with my son as his bottles and me nursing isnt filling him up anymore and he is going to be 4 months on the 17th. I started him on Baby cereal and am waiting till the 17th to start veggies with him and then fruit. as he opens his mouth when he sees the spoon and is sitting up with some help.

  3. Sanam's Kitchen

    @Trang Ut Hi Trang, thanks for your feedback. For the babies younger than 1 year old (less than one year of age) you can just purée the veggies, and leave the cheese out. Cheese is recommended for babies older than 1 year of age. I hope this helps. Enjoy and congrats for your baby!

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