Back to School: Kids Breakfast Ideas |

Back to School: Kids Breakfast Ideas |

Want to make your life easier this back to school season? Check out these easy breakfast ideas your kids will love. Find the recipes at:


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  1. Eurodancer Prime

    Kids these days are very picky with what you pack or serve them for food.
    If it doesn't look appealing or they never tried it before, Don't expect them to rate it 5 stars.

    Also, These are very messy ideas for a mother with children on the run. A banana and Apple would have been fine for in on the go snack for breakfast.

  2. Nyx De Guise

    I saw some comments about her voice, I like her laid back soft tone. Sometimes I'm watching videos and people are screaming at me. I like her because she's not snobby or over acting. She's just giving you ideas and she's out. Great Job!

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