Balance your High Prolactin Level ll #FemalesHealth

Balance your High Prolactin Level   ll   #FemalesHealth

ProlactinHormone In this video, I have discussed: 1) What is Prolactin Hormone 2) Prolactin test 3) Symptoms & Reasons of Prolactin hormone 4) Food to control …


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  1. Mehak Ahmed

    Doctor NY 6 month dine 35 khilae periods noraml rhy then Mai NY consult Kia to khti hn ap ye khati rhngi to normal rhy GA aur Lifetime tablet's lni Hy
    Us k bd Dr change ki unho NY b yehi kha k medicine continue rkhni Hy but aisy to koi faida NHI na
    Aur pco b NHI Hy just prolactin increase Hy ???
    Please please please help me guide me what should I do
    I am very tense
    As soon as possible reply me mam
    Thank you ..

  2. Mehak Ahmed

    Mera prolactin level high Hy but 41 I am 24 years old
    3 years sy problem Hy irregular periods ki test kraya to prolactin increase ata Hy doctor medicine dti h. To period normal aty h. To prolactin level Normal hojata Hy medicine Chor du to phr irregular periods hojaty hn then again test Mai increase ata Hy
    What should I do ??
    Please reply me

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