Beatitudes-Jesus Sermon on the mountain

Beatitudes-Jesus Sermon on the mountain

The truth of which Jesus spoke on the Mountain where many followed him. This is the Beatitudes along with the Sermon that we all must live by. bible readings …


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  1. priest008

    very nice words…. Jesus gave us so much and yet we give him so little….. The greatest thing he left for us is undoubtedly the Eucharist, his true Presence in his body and blood, and his holy bride our Church, that she teaches us how great Christ is from her endless teaching….

  2. snappa52

    cirexlab, atheists have been fooled by the great conspiracy against God that is taking place right now. These conspirators are occult fanatics, and are in high positions of authority of the world. they fund atheist groups too. you've chosen a side in the conflict. atheists have chosen to sit it out. i notice atheists and evolutionists are just as zealous in what they believe as the most zealous Christians. they say that they believe in no God, but their belief is certainly religious

  3. The Encounter GOD Worship Channel

    This comes from a film called MATTHEW (VISUAL BIBLE). It is a special film with a lot of powerful scenes throughout. It is a word-for-word "visual Bible" of the Book of Matthew. I encourage you to try to locate this on DVD and enjoy it. It portrays Christ as one who smiles, and is down-to-earth, and truly someone people would want to go to for blessing and teaching… 🙂 Take care! Sean

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