Best Bulking Diet To Build Muscle? (The SIMPLE Truth)

Best Bulking Diet To Build Muscle? (The SIMPLE Truth)



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  1. sf2explus

    what i like about your channel is im seeing results following everything you say. been doing shoulder presses for years and took your side raise dealt advise for big shoulders and im seeing changes shoulders are slowly appearing more round. again thanks and keep up the good work. Tpo any beguiners this channel will is the best very realistic advise that you can keep up with

  2. jim furich

    Hey Sean thanks for the awesome video! I am about to transition into a bulking phase, and I would appreciate your thoughts on intermittent fasting while bulking. I have been using IF for about a year and have been loving it for the health benefits, however if it would impact my body composition in a negative manner while bulking then I would definitely be okay with adding breakfast back into my daily routine. Eric Helms said that it is likely that having three meals spaced evenly throughout the day SHOULD be optimal for muscle growth, and if this assumption is correct then I would assume that the excess calories that aren't getting utilized for muscle growth are just getting stored as body fat on an IF diet. Thanks for producing such reliable content!

  3. sergio mondragon

    I´m currently bulking and I'm seeing rgains, my problem it´s that I´m eating more than I should, I still have my sixpack (If I contract my abs) and my "love handles" are growing around my hip, what do you think I should do, a mini cut or go for a formal cutting?
    btw: Nice videos as always!

  4. wilkinsos

    this is THE only way i have found works Long term, No stress and enjoyable and therefore most success. It was a natural step that had to be Made for me to make it a Habit (effortless) . Before i would so anything to hit exact macros byt its not possible in Long term and time consuming. This way, More flexible, i have done tracking for Long time so i end up not stressing it and Still end up around My goal. I DO this with fatsecret app super easy. IF i ate alot extra stuff that i won't bother adding to My app i Will Keep My calories slighty under My goal 🙂

  5. Mike D

    What you said here is exactly what I discovered after 3 years of trial and error. The first stage was being completely obsessed with tracking my macros and eating the same thing every day…and as time goes by I've found that calories and protein are above all most important whether I'm bulking or leaning down. But that initial obsession with the details prepares you for "wingin it" so I think it's necessary at first to get into the details of your diet.


    Hi Sean. quick question : does one's physicality really play an important role in terms of muscle building ? I'm currently on a fat loss dieting, where I feel my body fat does reduce while my muscle doesnt grow much or even stay the same. Not sure if it's the nutrition or genetic factors.

  7. Bartosz Jedra

    Great reminder video Sean. I quit tracking macros using My Fitness Pal for the same reason you mentioned. I used to eat similar food during the week and i would intentionally eat well balanced food during the weekend. After 1 year of tracking macros i can eye ball food pretty well with no noticeable differences in body fat. gains for example. Natural BB is a veery long process and if we make it complicated to degree of tracking +/-50kcal or +/-10 grams then there is no chance average lifter stick to such crazy obsessive procedure long term.

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