Best Drugstore Makeup of 2017 – Best in Beauty for Mature Women

Best Drugstore Makeup of 2017 – Best in Beauty for Mature Women

2:10 -Review Begins – My Favorite Makeup of 2017 and new ways of applying it! I talk about my favorite drugstore makeup ( and a few you can get at Ulta) and I …


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  1. Glennda Bentley

    Oh Susan !!!!! I can't believe we are doing the same things as we apply our skincare and our makeup , I started using the BB Cream as a primer after u done a video on it and how good it was from the Dollar Tree , also about 2 months ago I started to wear less eye shadow and just use pastel colors and the a little glow ,I have gotten so many complaints on how pretty I look and that I don't look 72 , which thrills me !!!!!!! ( laffin ! ) we always want to look our best at all times , jus sayin !!!! Great video Sweetie and we need more Desi ♡♡♡ Lubs Dat Boy ♡♡♡ Hope u are doing well …. Love you and our boy !!!!! ♡♡♡ Glenda

  2. Mabel911 Jones

    Hilarious! I thought I was the only one that use Dollar tree bn cream as a primer! I love it! It's so rich n creamy and blends so nice… Who would have thought something for a $1 would work so well! Wanted to ask have you tried any Elf Cosmetics,? Or Wet n Wild? It's not just for young chicks you know. Looks pretty darn good on us " Middle Aged Ladies..

  3. Irlynda

    I LOVE your artistic vids! Your grandson is Precious. I want to make beauty videos too but the people around me just laugh and said nobody wants to here me. Would you contact me? I am an visual artist and I plan to make videos about that too as soon as I get my studio/beauty room organized.

  4. Patricia Niedrich

    Hi Susan! (that's my middle name) I like your commentaries on life and your cheerful take on almost anything and everything. You are one who sees life's glass 1/2 full as opposed to 1/2 empty. That's always a good idea so you can enjoy what time there is to enjoy things. I too have an issue with colors changing as I age and what I'd like to wear. I find that many of the eye palettes that are sold have too many dark colors that I can no longer use, due to not wanting too much "dark" on my face. I have made the decision to go grey and my silver/pepper hair are fine, and I have gotten rid of using a lot of my nudes-browns-coppers when I had light brown/caramel hair (dyed to my last shade I had before going grey). I now need a paler mix, more light to mid tone neutral colors. I found the Essence eyeshadow palettes, 8 colors for like 5.50! I bought the "Toffee" and the "Roses" palettes, and they are wonderful! They have a slight sparkle and some matte shades, and the darker tones are more of a mid tone, and not "dark" like black, charcoal and the like. If I did that, I might look like I was trying "too hard" if you know what I mean. That's when older gals tend to overdo things. I think using fingers to "warm" and "mold" the products into our skin, especially when our underlying skin texture has changed to collagen production not being there (like it was when we were 30). We have to use tools differently now. I don't bother with skin covering makeup anymore, I just use a BB cream or CC cream, that is fine with me. I too, like cream blushes and use Stila's cream blush compacts, which I have in a variety of colors. If you were on a budget, you can always use a lipstick too for color, just a dot or 2 on the cheeks. Sometimes ya gotta multitask it! Thanks for your videos, and if you find any more (or think of anymore) eye palettes, either drugstore or high end of light to mid tone colors (cool tone preferably) let us know! Not everyone needs those darker tones anymore.

  5. Tara Ranchod

    A great video, as always. Thanks for pointing out the Essence brand, I'm always looking for affordable cruelty-free options. Guess who is going to Target today? 😉
    You are such a beautiful soul… happy belated birthday… cuddles to Desi…

  6. Sue C

    Hey Susan! Catching up on your videos while recouping from the flu! This one is great! Well they ALL are so far! I love that you share the more affordable makeup! I have lots of physician formula products and they work great! Have that little brick palette and am going to try it on my eyes when I get better! You have gorgeous skin and Desi Always makes me smile! Thanks! Hugs! Xo

  7. Patricia Benes

    The only BB Beauty I can find at the Dollar Tree is a makeup. Is that the right thing? My store doesn't carry any actual BB Beauty called a primer. Well, anyway I tried it on and love it for a run around daytime makeup anyway! Thanks….

  8. Kellye Radford

    Thank you Susan for your thoughtful and joyful reply. I’ve already watched and enjoyed several more of your videos. One on the L’Oréal Mineral foundation, one on the Lancome stick foundation. That one didn’t’ work out for me. It oxidized and turned orange while I was at work. It was kind of embarrassing.I looked like a pumpkin and didn’t realize it until the end of the day because the bathroom lights were so dim plus we ate lunch inside. I don’t know why my friends didn’t say anything to me. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I though. 😉 I just have to laugh at myself, no use getting worked up about’s just Makeup.😍😍

  9. Kellye Radford

    Hi, I just found your channel today and your video was so moving and so well put together that I felt like a professional had done it . Do you do these for a career? The beginning was spectacular with the images and corresponding music. It really was lovely. And you are very funny too!!
    I am looking forward to watching more of your videos. Also I am on the lookout for the Physicians Formula concealer because I’ve been on the hunt for a good one for a year, and I have never seen that one. It would be nice to find a concealer that doesn’t make me look like the crypt keeper by the end of the day. Lol 😂

  10. GLORIA P

    Happy New Year again my friend! Once more, congratulations on the birth of your grandson, such a blessing!!
    You have such a talent, I always feel as though I'm watching a motion picture, you make it all come together and alive ❤ my best to Desi, what a sweet boy 🐶🐕❤

  11. Elle Is For Living

    I absolutely love your editing in the beginning Susan. You know that drugstore is what I love and I love that you had so many products that I haven't heard of. I am definitely going to have check out that Dollar Store BB Cream! "A woman can't look bad if she is wearing the right blush" – love it!!! 🙂 ♥ Elle

  12. granada scarf

    Hi Susan, thanks for another fun, enjoyable and informative video! Almay has a new foundation with an SPF of 40. It's called Best Blend Forever Makeup. Have you tried it? The SPF is the highest I've ever noticed in a foundation! I've been watching Dr Dray the dermatologist's YouTube channel and she really emphasizes a higher SPF for anti-aging.

  13. cathy vice

    I gave up on drugstore mascaras, I now use the benefit mascara which is expensive but it does what I want it to do. I hate spending that much, but I figure it's better than constantly trying new drugstore mascaras and being disappointed.

  14. Shake Up Makeup

    I just loved seeing all of your favorites Susan! It truly is amazing how many fantastic inexpensive drugstore products there are out there. I enjoy so many of the Essence products. Hope you are having a great new year! Love you…Laura

  15. Bob and Jude Hulse

    I made it here by accident and I can see that I am late for the party but here none the less. You look radiant. Love your make up choices. Requesting lipstick favorites as they bring my no lips to life! Long wears our my favorites. Pretty please
    Jude in Oregon

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