Best Foods for Healthy Gut Bacteria | The Exam Room Podcast

Best Foods for Healthy Gut Bacteria | The Exam Room Podcast

How does gut bacteria affect your health? What foods help and hurt your microbiome? Nutrition and diabetes expert Meghan Jardine, R.D., answers these …



  1. Alfredo Gonzalez

    I don’t like how she paints fat with such a big brush.. I do believe polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are healthy and a lack of healthy fats in the diet is not good.. hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, peanuts, walnuts, these are healthy whole plant foods.. you should only limit them if you’re trying to reverse chronic disease

  2. tamcon72

    Seriously questioning Ms. Jardine's advocating that we eat unripe fruit, considering unripe fruit generally causes indigestion for obvious reasons. Surely we can eat ripe bananas and eat the other healthy things she mentions for needed fibers? Also, as other commenters have stated, the lack of clarification concerning fats, as though all fats are identical, is a problem. Enjoy these interviews, but I would love if Ms. Jardine returned to clear up some of the confusion left behind from this interview. Thanks for posting.

  3. adamaj

    That's a no go on the green bananas. The reason they ferment in your gut is because they weren't ripe and you can't digest them as well as ripe bananas. You're not supposed to eat unripe fruit. The resistant starch she's talking about means "not ready to eat" starch, kind of like eating a raw potato. I could see eating a green banana every once in a while, but I eat several bananas every day, and besides not meeting my caloric needs (because you can't digest unripe food as well as ripe), they don't sit well with my stomach.

  4. Yami

    Can you guys PLEASE differentiate between animal fat and plant fat. It gets very confusing. She said high fat foods should be avoided because its harmful.. Okay great but does this include high fat plant foods like nut butters or avocados? Should we limit these foods or can we eat these foods abundantly?
    It is okay to eat a high fat diet (over 20% of calories) if the fats are coming from whole (or minimally processed) plants? If not, could you explain why and with sources? Thanks!

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