Best Ted Talks 2015 – Draw your future – Take control of your life

Best Ted Talks 2015 – Draw your future – Take control of your life

Ted Talks Featuring the amazing Patti Dobrowolski (Subscribe here for more amazing ted Talks): Grab a Pen and a paper and start now….


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  1. David Roy

    I didn't draw, but I wrote a description of changes I wanted to make in a notebook a long time ago. I was going back through the notebook recently and found that long forgotten description. I was surprised that a good bit of what I had written had come true… I think I'll try drawing this time

  2. Tony Beadle

    I drew a picture of me sad and crying in the corner all alone and another picture in colour of me living in a beach house in a hot country with a beautiful wife by my side, I closed my eyes and saw the 3 steps I needed to make, get a lot of money, buy a beach house and meet my beautiful wife who would be jogging past my beach house, so I robbed a bank, got caught, doing 15 years in prison and not a beautiful women in sight, thanks a bloody lot…

  3. anthony thompson

    we dont have ANY control over our lives . stop these videos that r made by the MACHINE . u cant ALTER REALITY . reality is not play doe . this video is to get u to create your OWN reality so u cant see ACTUAL REALITY . so we cant see what is being done to us . 1st u have to see what reality is . DONT PLAY TRICKS WITH YOUR MIND . what kind of person/thing would tell u to trick yourself . THERE IS NO TRICK BUT THE ONE BEING PLAYED ON US

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