Biblical Food & Christian Fasting Ancient Secrets cause Healthy Lives

Biblical Food & Christian Fasting Ancient Secrets cause Healthy Lives

is filled with incredible powerful life changing wisdom regarding living healthy and improving ones lifestyle. Tyler Tolman is a world renowned expert in Cristian Fasting,…


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  1. Roelof van Antwerp

    A true Nazirene is one who has so dedicated their life to the service of the Lord, that they live for Him — and Him alone. The Lord in return then Anoints the mind of His faithful servant — teaching him the Mysteries of the Gospel and the Secrets of Creation. That the Nazirene who lives apart from the rest of society — holding fast to the Nazir vow — and purifying his physical body and mind as if they lived in Eden — holding to the words: "And God said, "See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food" (Gen 1:29 NKJ).

    The vow of the Nazirite is a vow of separation — separation unto G-d — separation from the world and its ways. The literal meaning of the word Nazirite is set-apart and the word 'holy' also means set-apart. The very idea of being a Nazirite is to live a 'holy' life. Nazirites are highly revered by the Father and are named with the Prophets: "I raised up some of your sons as prophets, and some of your young men as Nazirites. Is it not so, O you children of Israel? Says the LORD" (Amos 2:11 NKJ).

  2. thesnodude5150

    the son of God said man should not live off bread alone. and he ate fish and fed the crowds fish and bread on several occasions so the ppl below need to re read their bibles and stop trying to be a keyboard scholars.and what kind of a dumbass compares God to budha or ghandi ??? what a ridiculous statement…

  3. Juice Game

    U have no understanding of the bible, in the beginning Adam & Eve did not eat meat yes that is correct but when she ate the forbidden fruit all that change, Yah gave laws in Leviticus ch-11 on what u can eat & cannot "clean/unclean" foods, in those days they where fisherman & hunters Hmmmmmm… stop telling these lies smh, now as far as Daniel & those that where with him they did not eat the kings meat because it was unclean food ect.. listen don't use the bible to try to push veganism or to eat raw on people, listen I'm a Hebrew I know the laws now I don't eat meats because of all the chemicals, sodium nitrate & the way they treat the animals ect….  sure I feel great now that I cleaned up my diet but remember they didn't have devils spraying, pushing chemicals in there meat, water, body, hair products…. don't pick out what u want out the bible read it fast & pray it if you did that God would have gave u an understanding & u never would of had made this video… Shalom

  4. Tony Vrolijk

    yeah right what about kosher food, you have forgotten that lamb is one of the main dishes in the bible and from the Hebrew word L-akle is food not meat, read bible with Hebrew interlinear.
     also that same verse says that god blessed every thing

  5. Sara Nguyen

    Yes and I'd also agreed that if we human want salvation and hearing god's guidance we must do a water fast,that's what I'm on right now as of dec-14-2014 is my 15 days of just water fasting.I'd continued with juice fasting until the end of 40 days.

  6. Sara Nguyen

    Yes you're really a knowledgeably man Tyler,the word meats is actually mean plants foods not animals meat.Because nor God or Jesus nor Buddha are eating animal meat,that's why it's so unnatural to human being eaten animals flesh.I'm a vegetarian since I were 4 yrs old and a vegan of over 2 yrs,human are so accustomed and eating animals meat because of convenience.

  7. Jimvesterstallone

    "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat ['oklah]." – Genesis 1:29

    The KJV Bible translated the Hebrew word "'oklah" to "meat." This is because the KJV is written in Old English. ("The word meat comes from the Old English word mete, which referred to food in general." – see wikipedia.)

    The same Bible tells us that God later gave us animals for "meat"

    "Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat ['oklah] for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things." – Genesis 9:3

    God is even more specific in Leviticus 11 when He details which animals are healthful to eat ("clean") and which animals are unhealthful to eat ("unclean"). The wisdom in this chapter is backed by science.

  8. Dele X

    The correct understanding is that after the great flood man was then allowed to consume meat, animal flesh.  As stated in statuses below the Israelites gave sacrifices and at the same time would eat of flesh in celebration and in respect of YHWH.

  9. Michael Ortiz

    Nice try Tyler. Apparently you never bothered to read the rest of the book of Genesis. Particularly chapter 9:3 which says: "Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything." (NIV). The passage you refer to only applies to life before the great flood.

  10. Hannam Wakelin

    Jesus didn't fast for 40 days to lose weight…! I do a 24-48+ hour water only fast for spiritual cleansing,clearness of mind,body,etc and add charity to it – not only in donations but help,support,advice,comforting. As I recall in the bible I forget where, in the O T, it says fasting without charity,is worthless to God.And don't tell anyone you are fasting,as they become instant Dr.Phil's.!

  11. Hannam Wakelin

    Sure,today;due to the environment,plants sprayed with pesticides,animals drenched with different bug killing chemicals,loaded with high sugar,fat content,bleached,treated,and preservatives,toxins,additives,genetic modifications etc… Use common sense and logic, and don't eat any of the processed,treated foods if it makes you sick,obese,or whatever!

  12. Ariel Fuhknud

    I appreciate that there may be benefits to fasting and that this practice is found in many religions, but you didn't really go into how fasting benefits the body in any way that I could see. Just the same, my understanding is that fasting in most religions is done as a means to reach a certain spiritual plain and has little to do with affecting the body. In fact quite the opposite, isn't fasting supposed to disconnect the spirit in a sense from the needs of the body?

  13. mehotep atlas

    "" Are you normal?? show me that they ate meat only one day per year and I will show you dozen of texts that they consumed animal products daily like milk , cheese, curd, and killed animals on feasts, special occasions, whenever guests visited, God sand Elijah meat using crows, priests had no allotment or inheritance so they ate the burnt offerings of the LORD which included meat so you saying that Yahuwah was damaging his priests !!?, what an brainwashed idiot you are,

  14. Geraldine Visagie

    The priest could choose to eat meat or not from that which he offered. Fact is, we were made to eat vegetarian by Yahuwah, as said in Genesis. Its only Passover when the people ate lamb. They did not need to eat meat for the rest of the year. So, one day of 365 days you can eat portion of lamb. Your body is made for plant based diet. Don't you use the Bible as an excuse to eat unhealthy and damage Yahuwah's temple in the process

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