Bill Johnson Sermons – The Battle Over Significance – May 01, 2011

Bill Johnson Sermons – The Battle Over Significance – May 01, 2011

Bill Johnson teaches a sermon at Bethel Church in Redding CA. While Gideon was hiding in the wine press, He was called a mighty man by God. God sees …


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  1. Greg Steele

    This was posted on these comments a bit further down, but I figured someone reading the top comments could be inspired by the same line as much as I was:

    "Get to know your God's heart instead of studying about Him to add value to yourself"

  2. Mary Mount

    Minister Mushmouth, you are a sodomite.  I can tell it the way you look.   ASK JESUS FOR SOME TOAST covered with super man-sauce like we serve at sunday school.    "Perfect example of a SHEPHERD who do not feed his flocks"  well then do do on you, poo poo!  SMILES, Christers!  Give this man a cookie.filled with cum…. and say PRAISE JESUS, fudgers.

  3. Whitney Simpson

    I graduated with a biology degree. I'm someone who is defined as a "realist," so I'm not coming from the idea that this man speaks of perfection. But epinephrine is always released in something exciting. As a former atheist, the exciting nature of Christianity that I was never exposed to (I assumed everyone was a legalistic wingnut) is exactly what drew me into it. Epinephrine. You simply need both. Of course you need clarity and thought. Clarity is not the opposite of excitement, though.

  4. Mike Dunn

    As a agnostic, I feel the faith that I have lost beginning to return to me. This reminds me of the simple faith I once had and lost. I am having trouble doubting what I am hearing.
    That is good. I also find my mind replaying the worship songs of Jenn and Kim.

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