Biracials Cause Confusion and Distraction In the Black Community

Biracials Cause Confusion and Distraction In the Black Community

This video explains why we should love and accept our bi racial brothers and sisters but we should also not expect them to be “all hands on deck” when it comes to Black Empowerment. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~…



  1. BibiX

    African people in the USA suffer from extreme low self esteem. If we accepted ourselves we would not have a biracial fetish. And feel the need to live vicariously through them. This may seem harsh but I see biracial people as sort of guests in our race. They didn't ask to be born, but we didn't ask for them to be here either and assert themselves at the forefront.
    Why do we need to hear from them? They can not walk in this world and experience it the same way as full blooded African( please understand that there are full blooded Africans in the USA. I am Gullah) and vice versa. There is your confusion. they also have loyalties to white race most of the time.
    There are more than enough capable Africans to just ignore them and raise ourselves up. I have biracial nieces and nephews created by two self loathing brothers and aint ish white whores. They all, including the children, are anti black. I do not trust the lot of them. History will show us not to put them in our business nor get too close because they have wage war against Africans sometimes fiercer than their white side. I am not emphatic to biracials. No other people does this but African Americans and it because we do not like/love ourselves as who we are, Africans, but worship the non black blood of biracials. It is sick and exhausting.

  2. Melinated Baby

    The hybrid( Biracials) that are a mixture of Black and White are never considered "Black" of the United States. Biracial is Biracial and that is okay. An Asian would never consider a hybrid with a mixture of Asian and Arab to be Asian they would be considered Biracial. Many people like to go by society and it nor biology and genetics. Like I said it is what it is. They are Bi(two) racial.

  3. Anthony Williams

    The words you spoke from 21:45 until the end may have been the most powerful that I have ever heard. The tone of your voice, your cadence, and the words spoken during this particular portion were nothing short of brilliant, truthful, and magnificent. Thank you Beautiful Sister and many Blessings to you!


    Did you hear the Pope Pushing this Shite? Telling European white women to mate with black Immigrants and telling them to make Babies? They want us all Mixed in hope that we will not stay divided but separatists are not racist.

  5. Shauni Gothic TV

    Alot of people do not realise that the practisioners of the RBG&Garvey platform are going to find it damn near impossible to work with the Nation Of Islam in any meaningful way.

    Heres why.

    You see, the most honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that there were other dark skinned people in the world.
    He said his platform must work with, trade with, and incorperate these people into his organisation as long as they saw themselves as being Black having being taught the supreme wisdom lessons of the NOI.
    Those dark skinned people who did not accept the lessons could not join, but could still be traded with.
    The most honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that these dark skinned people were a grafted people – but because of their dark skin they could still be incorperated into his organisation as long as they accepted the supreme wisdom lessons.

    In fact, the RBG&Garvey practisioners have a favourite poster boy called Dr.Khalid Muhammad (pbuh) who taught the same thing as he was always a strict practisioner of the teachings of the most honorable Elijah Muhammad (not louis farrakan) right until he passed away.

    But these teachings present a problem for the RBG&Garvey community.
    The RBG&Garvey community say that they will NOT socially work with or incorperate non african peoples into their organisation – even if those dark skinned people non african peoples identified themselves as African and accepted Garveys teachings.
    So you see, that is the problem.
    You have two platforms with completely ideologies in terms of who they will accept.

  6. Rebecca RT

    Biracials Are Not Black.
    You Blacks Are So Dumb, You Don't Suppose To Accept Biracial Mutants As Black!
    They Are NOT Black!
    Why Are You faith Jones Saying This Mess, And Publicly.
    Biracial Mutants Are Not Black People's, Brother And Sister. If They Are Related To You
    Do To Some Dumb Dark Black Person, That Is Your Problem, And That Black Suckers Problem, And That Biracials Problem.
    Do Not Try To Hoist Them On Black Dark Women And Girl Race Especially.

  7. Richard Myles

    This video has a lot of validity. As a mixed person…I prefer to be referred to as mixed because that is my world view. This video gets a major thumbs up….but do not think we are not to be trusted…..we just have a loyalty to ALL of our cultures together.

  8. Spirit World

    The main reason why 'BIRACIAL' people are NOT black is because they are 50% CREATED and PRODUCED by the Egg, Womb and Embryo of 'white' women and of other (Non Black) races of women for 9 months, and then after that produce they literally come out of their stomachs physically attached to their test tube / umbilical cord. And some of them also physically come out of the 'white' male and of other (Non Black) male reproductive sperm cells. It is therefore both 'genetically' and 'biologically' impossible for 'BIRACIAL' people to be black.

  9. Spirit World

    For the uneducated people who like to say that (Mixed Race) people are black I will say this. >>>>> By your own logic it would mean that all 'black' men around the world could marry 'white' women and other (Non Black) races of women and claim to be doing it in order to preserve the black race. But in reality they would really be producing light skinned (Mixed Race) children instead of dark skinned black children. And it would also mean that Biracial's who marry white people could also claim to be doing it in order to preserve the black race by producing with their white side, because according to your logic Biracial's are also supposed to be so called black people too. And then if the 'Quadroon' children of those Biracial people and white people grew up and married white people they too could also claim to be doing it in order to preserve the black race. And then if the 'Octoroon' children of those Quadroon people and white people grew up to marry white people they too could also claim to be doing it in order to preserve the black race. It would go on for generations and for centuries never ending. So basically we would then be calling pure white looking people black. This is all based on your own logic and on the logic of anyone who claims that (Mixed Race) people are black.

  10. Siann King

    these people are black people trojan horse, i agree we should not see them as being black. that will alleviate half the problem because they would not be invited to things that pertain to black empowerment. these people want to have the best of both world which is detrimental to us. so no! , for our own self-preservation , biracial should not be involved in black issue, if they want to, let them do that on their own.

  11. kemi7689

    Americans are definitely confused by mixed-race people because they will say "oh, the police treat them the same, so that make them black?" and this mixed-races are smart they will take every black advantage going and blacks as always will end up at the buttom. Their natural position. Take the black jobs, accolades and the blacks first of. Imagine that? "the black president? The mother is white, can you just believe that? Is an hybrid. You have never had a black president and when he was president did anything really change for most blacks? Hell no.

  12. C.P.

    The way I see it, it's all about looks. if you LOOK black, even if you are biracial you are black. The phenotype or what you see in the mirror is what you are. It doesn't matter if you have a white parent or what ever. If you look black you are black in the eyes of the society.

  13. Lailene Guivarra

    Thank you so much for making this video! Dating a biracial man was one of the most confusing, spiritually conflicting experiences of my life. His mother is a white woman who spread her legs for a black man that did not take her seriously, propelling him into a future with a white father, white siblings, in white suburbia with predominantly white social circles up until his 30's. Add to the fact that he is very pale with light eyes and the only thing that really makes his black lineage apparent is his curly hair texture. White supremacy lived deep within him and it added more layers of exhaustion and confusion to my experience and ability to maintain intimate harmony as a black woman.

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