BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART | Matthew 5:8 | Peter Frey

BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART | Matthew 5:8 | Peter Frey

A message on purity… but not the kind that you might think of… a pureness that is inside out. Learn more about Union Congregational Church here: …


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  1. Hannah Celine

    "Jesus is more concerned with your affections than your actions." Needed that more than words can say! I know that we aren't saved by our actions but sometimes it's as if I believe that. We are called to love God with our all and love our neighbor as ourselves!

  2. KJ Caston

    Thank you for allowing the Spirit of God speak through you. This message touched my heart and I am filled with so many questions and emotions. I wish I had the opportunity to speak with someone such as yourself for more wisdom and understanding. God bless you and Mary <3

  3. FarmerMisShelley

    When my hubby and I were engaged, people at work tried pressuring us to move in together, saying, “How do you know if you are sexually compatible?” I never quite knew how to explain to them that God is putting us together so I have no worries. Also, people don’t understand that sex isn’t everything a marriage is about. Marriage is so much more.

  4. Momma Cat

    Amen,peter,i belive i will see Jesus,peter your semons are right when i need to hear your words,it seems you know what i need to hear,for me to open up my mind and receive those words and put me on think,slow mood,to see God is with me and working on my case,life,i needed to see that,thank you God for this prayer that peter brings forth,Jesus name,Amen.the Frey family,i think him for you

  5. LuxxKimberly 84

    Awe. In the start of the service when Peter said hang on my phone is buzzing and said just kidding when everyone started laughing, you can clearly hear Mary laughing the loudest. I love the way they love one another. If only everyone was able to find their soul mate.

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