Bob D. – AA Speaker – “Having an unmanagable life, Steps 2 and 3” (Part 2 of 5)

Bob D. – AA Speaker –  “Having an unmanagable life, Steps 2 and 3” (Part 2 of 5)

Bob D. continues in the set of tapes which I consider his best ever! CLICK HERE for Part 3 Also, you can listen to the entire …


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  1. MsRedinism

    Bob's talks really inspire me. I've just done step 3 and began 4-5. I am currently facing most difficult time in my entire lifetime.
    I have faith that God will manage everything and find best possible solution for my mother, brother and myslef.
    God is either everything or nothing…
    Thank you Bob for your guidance!

  2. Chris Kateley

    I met Bob D. at a breakfast spkr mtg in Springville, CA. just west of Porterville… I guess it's been 10 yrs ago now.🐸 I luv the message. I heard his CD'S long before meeting him. Thank you for sharing what you were like, what happened, & the stuff we're doin' to stay sober today as the result of the Spiritual Awakening we received from doin 12 simple steps, & following our 12 Traditions so the "Why it works" continues to serve newcomers and keep comin backers when and if they hit bottom, as sure as we had to, to become willing to work our program of recovery!

  3. priscillapastimes

    At this point I feel a little angry….Just quit on a 30 year marriage so you can hear ALL the other AA members say how great you are. I wish I had been smarter and seen through all the lies I was told over the years. But I'm not that smart.
    I'm hurt to my very core so don't mind me. 
    Yes, I'm afraid to be alone in my last few years because you don't want to be burdened with a seriously ill wife. It's OK because your friends told you it is OK to leave.

  4. karen angus

    for once in my life i feel part of, aa has took away my old life and gave me a new one ..i will be forever gratefull so happy my friend told me about bob d! i need everything aa has to offer i need the 3 p's the people ,the power and the programme x

  5. Ryan Gill

    Thank you so much for taking time to put these online! I am new to this program and LOVE all these speakers young and old. I listen to them while getting ready in the morning and while driving in my car. Thank God Bob D was one of myh first experiences. I was so low and new to AA and deicded just to search on youtube and sure enough there he was and he near saved my life. Wish there was a way I could get these on CD and get in touch with Bob D. Thanks so much!!! Keem them coming! Ryan

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