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BONE BROTH / / MJ Healthy Living

I’ve been on this alkaline diet for over a year now, trying to cure my arthritis… and I’ve hit a plateau or something – so I’m trying new things now – hoping this will …


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  1. Good News Travelers

    Well looks good to me. lol you video is the first I've seen on bone broth. 😉 Good job! I hear its very very good for you. Btw have you tried Flex seed oil for your Arthritis? I take it in pill form. Also, Vit C 1000 – 2000 mg 2 to 3 times a day. And the biggest thing is, no sugar. Blessings

  2. lifeinthailand

    I remember seeing 1 person make it in a slow cooker, that is all I know about bone broth. Have you ever tried lemon grass tea I like it when everything starts to hurt, might help. I did a video on it a few years ago, very easy to make, maybe not so easy to get the ingredients.

  3. My Mobile Homestead

    Chicken and poultry are fine for bone broth but you will get the best healthful stuff if you go to an Asian grocery store and get beaks and feet. (They are cheap) I do my bone broth in a slow cooker for 24 to 48 hours on low with seasoning, veggies and a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar it helps extract the marrow and adds health benefits. Additionally, you don't have to pre cook it before simmering for broth. If you are not using a slow cooker I suggest starting it super early in the morning so you can cook it as long as possible because shutting it off over night runs the risk of food poisoning setting in, you gotta be extra careful with chicken. I think it looked yummy, now I'm thinking of making some. I like to put my finished and skimmed broth in ice cube trays to freeze with ease. I have a bone broth video in my arsenal if you want to check it out. I didn't use vinegar and veggies in that one. It's my post thanksgiving broth. Maybe I'll do another. <3

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