Brain Foods for Brain Health

Brain Foods for Brain Health

Dr. Liz Applegate’s presentation discusses specific foods and dietary supplements that may enhance brain health and transform diet to one that supports healthy …


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  1. Elliot Bressloer

    To all Jews in Utah and L.D.S headquarter's, I never had to associate with Pauline Weggeland or Granger and Dianne Peck. The 14 the amendment gives you that privledge. No, I will not go to Moyne Oviatt. Go jump in a lake controlling freak's. Sorry being lady like just gets you walked on like a door Matt. Susan

  2. Elliot Bressloer

    Staying out of synagogues and L.D.S. churches are the first place to eliminate stress. Two religion's that hostile at people who love to swim in mineral spring's, swim a few lap's in a cold pool, good diet, and the u.s.citizen basic constitutional religious right's. The right of association jews's feel I never deserved as a citizen. I am not Jewish or Mormon. I also had a right to pursue my career, without your big mouth's directing Me! Susan Marcile Nordhoff

  3. patti buske

    GMO promoter! She is actually saying that GMO is not critical and to forget that discussion in spite of the fact that many other countries ban GMO'S as dangerous with research on GMO's not lasting longer than 6 months due to evidence of harm showing up after the 6 month mark.

  4. Kabro Patai

    Could you please update your knowledge? There is no benefit of alcohol and starchy bees for brain. Grass fed butter is number one food for brain. The reason of having Alzheimer and cognitive decline is low saturated diet. If you want a good and big brain take butter and coconut oil.

  5. engin

    How do you get the vital micro-nutrients from low quality food which we are eating on a every day bases ! She things we live in a ideal environment. Air we're breathing ,water we 're drinking and food that we are eating are saturated with poisons like substances ,and addition to it transport and storage . It is over all is a good lesson with many holes !

  6. lambchopxoxo

    Very informative! What most people dont understand is that most people not just cannot but DONT stick to diets like vegan or anything very restrictive for very long. Also, vegan diets seem to be loaded with processed "replacement" foods (Ice cream, fake dairy cheese etc) that is almost completely void of nutrition unless its fortified. If you have to fortify then why not just take a supplement. Also they tend to be very high carb… simple carbs and/or high fat

  7. T Young

    When showing "Foods to Limit" they should be foods to AVOID altogether, because they are scientifically engineered to defeat even the strongest of will power and very seldom can you stop at one cookie or one donut, all refined carbohydrates like these, lead to severe cravings that would not be there if those foods were not eaten in the first place. Fasting and eating nothing at all would be preferrable to eating anything pictured in your "Foods to Limit" picture. I am not even going to include them other that to say "Avoid these foods at all costs" "They are slow Kill foods" Wheat is weaponized, all corn and soy in the United States, unless specifically labeled as organic, is GMO and very hazardous to your health. That includes the fructose sweeteners and corn oil, canola oils, all of which are in those types of killer foods.

  8. Gerhardt Steinke

    VERY SAD that she give a pass to "moderate" intake of SAD (Standard American Diet) comprising a variety of animal proteins, as she ignores (or is ignorant of) the work of Dr. Robert A. Vogel of the University of Maryland School of Medicine and damned near all of those on my "short list" of lifestyle and optimal diet gurus such as Doctors Campbell, Ornish, Barnard, Esselstyn, Greger and a host of others. Ignoring issues does not lessen their importance for fact-based truth-seekers. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

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